Catwoman: Meow! Framed Paper Fine Art Print (Limited Edition (only 250)) signed by Artist Adam Hughes RRP £549.99 only £249.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/5% Voucher Deduction @ Play

Catwoman: Meow! Framed Paper Fine Art Print (Limited Edition (only 250)) signed by Artist Adam Hughes RRP £549.99 only £249.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/5% Voucher Deduction @ Play

Found 28th May 2009
Feel like I must defend his post, althought I really shouldn't as this is a good price. So, please if you must vote cold, add a link to where this can be bought cheaper; as these things can cost a lot more at comic fayres.

I posted this a while back when it was £299.99, and thought that was a very good price, but Play have just knocked another £50 off. Top stuff.

I realise this will only appeal to serious collectors of Art/Graphic Novels/Comics/Batman/Catwoman merchandise, but a saving of £300 seems pretty darn good to me for a rare and signed limited print by a comic book artist.

"Meow!" featuring Catwoman was rendered and designed by revered DC Comics artist, Adam Hughes. Hughes, known for his "good girl" approach to the DC Comics heroines and villainesses has earned him respect beyond comic book pages and into mainstream art.

"Meow!" is printed in an edition of 250, and is hand signed by Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes describes his rendering of Catwoman as "naturalistic." This technique makes Hughes' characters more approachable than the muscular portrayals rendered by other artists. In particular, Hughes' female characters arrive to the viewer with a mixture of strength, innocence and believability
Image Size: 20 in. (508mm) H x 13 in. (330mm) W
Print Size: 26 in. (660mm) H x 17 in. (431mm) W
Artist: Adam Hughes
Manufactured by: Clampett Studio Collections

Adam Hughes is most commonly known for his stylized renderings of women; super heroines, damsels in distress, figures in fantasy. About the time Adam began making waves in art circles and his artwork really began to be noticed, the term "Good Girl Art" had been coined, and it best describes exactly what Adam does. He is considered by many to be one of a new generation of Good Girl artists inspired by Petty, Vargas and Elvgren. When describing his own work, Adam has used the term "naturalistic" as opposed to the term "realsitic" ; which describes what he does perfectly.

Adam began working in comics at the age of 19, in 1985. In 1988 Adam lent his talents to a comic book called MAZE AGENCY; a book which many consider to be his first real artistic "run" on a title. He did over a year on the book; of both interior and cover artwork. In 1989 Adam began working on his first "mainstream" comic book title: DC Comic's JUSTICE LEAGUE. He worked on the book for almost 2 years, doing covers and interiors until 1990, then switching to supplying artwork for just the covers. Eight years later, Adam began what many see as his most acclaimed cover work. Adam's recognizably strong and elegantly drawn women have graced the covers of four years worth of DC Comics WONDER WOMAN title.

Prior to Wonder Woman, Adam had a short run on the Dark Horse series GHOST, which many feel a noteworthy point in his career. It was here that we see Adam relying heavily on art nouveau influences in his attempt to create a "Film Noir" genre in comics. This was also about the time that Adam first worked on GEN-13: Ordinary Heroes for Wildstorm; which gave him an opportunity to write and draw his own run on a book. Adam has since worked on a variety of projects, for major publishers and in dependants, including Top Cow's TOMB RAIDER, Mike Oeming's HAMMER OF THE GODS, Black Bull Entertainment's GATECRASHER, Mark Wheatley's FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER, to name but a few.
Today Adam is best known as a cover artist. He pencils, inks and colors his own covers, using both traditional and digital mediums. His artwork can be seen on an amazing assortment of comic book covers (see the checklist put together by Larry Dempsey) as well as many places outside the comic book industry. Adam's most recent break from comic book work is still pertinent to the industry; the creation of a teaser poster for the much anticipated WONDER WOMAN MOVIE. Adam had worked previously with WW Movie director Joss Weydon on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer poster for the episode ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING
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Link, if anyone's interested at looking at some more of his work
It might be a good price for it, but I wouldn't pay that much, not gonna vote good find to whoever wants it though.
Ridiculous price imho.
Those links are quite interesting. 'Naturalistic'? - ROFL .. Lara Croft enter stage left ......

Would be interested to see how long it takes Play to sell them. A discount is a discount though, so fair play to the OP.
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