Catz 2 for Nintendo DS £10 in-store at Sainsburys

Catz 2 for Nintendo DS £10 in-store at Sainsburys

Found 4th Dec 2008
Been looking for Catz 2 for Nintendo DS for a while, the cheapest I've found is at £9.74 but it hasn't been in stock for ages. Went into Sainsburys in Bolton and it is priced at £13 but scanned through at £10.

Product Features
Up to 15 breeds - Including Persian, Russian Blue, Maine coon, Birman, Bengal Euro Plus new fantasy animals including Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Panther
90 new animations and interactions, making it more responsive than ever: your kitty can more naturally interact with other 3D objects
A full range of emotions and stats for your cat - 5 different stats to change for your cat: strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, bond.
The kittenEuro()s basic needs must be attended to, or else the kitty will show its discontent.
More insight into whatEuro()s going on in your catEuro()s head: Updated AI to make kitty seem alive, and create obvious reactions to both the environment and user input.
With the mood indicator, you can have an immediate feedback on your catEuro()s emotions. Depending on your actions catEuro()s mood will be positively or negatively affected.
Achievements and rewards - Increase your petEuro()s abilities by completing different achievements.
Have fun with your kitty! - See through the eyes of your cat with the helmet camera!
Special photography studio - you can take pictures of the kitten in all sorts of fantastic themed backdrops.

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