Caught (1948) James Mason £7.99 @ Moviemail DVD

Caught (1948) James Mason £7.99 @ Moviemail DVD

Found 3rd Mar 2009
A rather particular taste in films is needed for this but if you are interested in this type of classic film noir it is an excellent watch.
Next best is £11.98 @ Amazon.

Max Ophuls is widely regarded to be one of the greatest and most revered directors in the history of cinema. His trademark array of lavish fluid camera movements would influence generations of filmmakers to come. Among the many who have had praised his genius are Francois Truffaut Jean-Luc Goddard Martin Scorsese Stanley Kubrick who believed 'his camera could pass through walls'
Ophuls' penultimate Hollywood film is a film noir classic in which a young girl's dream turns into a nightmare. Intent on marrying a millionaire, Leonora discovers her man to be power crazed and paranoid. She finds comfort in the arms of another, but her husband tries to destroy her.

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