Cauliflowers (half price) 50p @ Lidl

Cauliflowers (half price) 50p @ Lidl

Found 22nd Apr 2013
Caulis are dear in places and these beat the Aldi super six price of 69p.
50p each seems cheap if they are a decent size.
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They also had some really really good looking Aubergines for 50p.
Tiny cauliflowers are £1.30 in asda at the moment. Hot xfrom me!
£1.18 in Asda today,we bought one,quite small as well.XL ones were £2.50...oO
Good price. I was annoyed today as I bought one from Aldi at 69p and then went into Lidl and they were 50p! However, when I looked at them the Lidl one was half the size of the Aldi one.
I suffer with cauliflower ears
heat for the cauli
they were nearly £2 in Tesco on Sunday! Didn't bother
Absolutely fantastic deal OP, 50p is a bargain.

I've watched the prices creep up to £1.39-£1.50 lately. Same goes for brocolli at £2.50 per KG. My local grocers usually does a 2 for £1.50 on each, so I'll buy there to keep them going, but for anybody who doesn't have the luxury of a local fruit and veg shop any more, well worth getting yourself off to Lidl if you have one local.

Aldi and Lidl aren't that bad either.
I do not know why but Lidl cauliflowers make me so sick. Only the Waitrose and Sainsburys one are OK for me :-(
All sold out already at my local
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