CD sale @ sainsburys - £3, £2 and £1 bargains!

CD sale @ sainsburys - £3, £2 and £1 bargains!

Found 27th Dec 2009
This may have been posted already and may not be nationwide; Some good deals if you can find them amongst the rubbish they have at Sainsburys -

£3 - La Roux, Bob Dylan (Modern times), Stereophonics (Live in Dakota), Pussycat dolls,
Hannah Montana

£2 - Maroon 5 (various), Stereophonics (Sex Violence etc.)

£1 - Elbow (Asleep at the back, cast of thousands), Orson (bright idea)


Is this on line?

one of my favourite albums
Stereophonics (Sex language

no fillers all just Rock

I cant find any cds online.

They didn't have any sale CDs in my local store, I wanted to get that Bob Dylan one. :-(

The La Roux one was definately in the Darnley, Glasgow store last night with plenty of copies left at £3

Not my thing, but seems like a good price if you like it. Voted hot

wow bargain for the first 2 elbow albums, both in my top 20 of all time

got la roux thank you (not the best album, but wanted it anyhow

Also James Blunt Back to Bedlam for £2.00

Picked up La Roux and Noisettes, both £3 :] had plenty left in Hull store, also had shedloads of Mariah Careys album E=mc^2 (ie e equals m c squared) for just 1 pound lol
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