CD WOW £1 off everything 24hrs only starts 10Am........
CD WOW      £1 off everything     24hrs only     starts 10Am........

CD WOW £1 off everything 24hrs only starts 10Am........

as per title £1 off everything on site 24 hrs only


Every little helps

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting fed up with these £1 off codes nearly every blemin day?
Why don't they just reduce everything by £1 permanently :x

still cheaper to get cds from bang cd with quidco.

ive had much better experiences from BANG CD than CDWOW.

Cold. Everytime i order a -£1 CD the order gets cancelled. A joke. Sorry but cold from my experiance.

Tired of their so called "sales", when almost everything is more expensive than at ]hmv / ]the hut! :roll:
Make sure you price compare before buying from these jokers...

cdwow are poor! my orders take up to 4 weeks to arrive for one dvd or dont arrive at all. although they are pretty good and quick when it comes to sending replacements lol.

All HUKD users get a pound off dvds anytime anyway, also nearly everybody and there sister online has a link to get there users a pound off as well...so when they do these "Sales" its not saving 99% of people who buy from there anything anyway.

And since they had there "troubles" and got bought over everything is so much more expensive than it used to be

My last order for a dvd, I was sent a 2nd hand one it had fingerprints and was badly scratched with half a price label on the front which someone had tried to peel off

not knocking the poster-but is there ever a day when CD Wow either don't have some sale on or £1 money off voucher?

Original Poster

hey im the poster and all points above taken onboard with no offense what-so ever lol

but one thing id like to know as ive never spotted it, is whats this link for all HUK members £1 off... dont buy much from them, but never knew that existed....

i posted this and was actually waiting for almost everything on the site to be listed individually like it normally is lol...... but if its not the cheapest anymore i suppose not :whistling:

If you look hard you can find the odd bargain dvd at 1.99 (after discount)
The HUKD permanent discount link is here
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