CD-WOW 24 Hour Sale Now On
Just had an email from CD-WOW about a 24 hour sale that is supposed to be starting at 10am, but appears to be live already.

And for a change, there actually appears to be some cheap and reasonable stuff in there - Smackdown 2008 DS for £5.99 for example.

Don't forget quidco and any vouchers that are going around.


I was just browsing through this. Most of those DVD prices are terrible.

How is Cloverfield at £12.99 in any way a 'sale'??

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actually yeah, the DVD prices are awful, hadnt looked at them. CD and games arent too bad though...apart from the likes of GRID at £36.99, what a deal that is....:?

some of the DS and PSP games seem reasonable at 5.99 before vouchers

I don't have a PS3 but £20.49 for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 seems quite good?

Nothing special

Great price for Pokemon Pearl though, only £13.99 - it's £24.99 everywhere else!



VOTED HOT :thumbsup:
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