cd-wow 24 hr sale starts today 09.30 am
cd-wow 24 hr sale starts today 09.30 am

cd-wow 24 hr sale starts today 09.30 am

Dear Member,

We are delighted to bring you another exclusive member 24 Hour Sale.

Please hurry - the sale starts at 0930 Thursday, the 16th November 2006....and only lasts 24 hours.

Stocks are extremely limited.

Visit gary-rip thread to see what discounts you can get to go with this sale.
- bazr


Aww it starts when I'm in lectures all day.
Hope some of you get some nice bargains.
Nice find bazr!


What has David Hasselhoff got to do with it !?

It's started already!

Rubbish sale this time - most of the DVD prices are no different from what they have been for a couple of weeks. X-Men 2 at £9.99 has been like that for a fortnight. M:I3 has been that price since last week too.

There's only one bargain I can see - House Season 2 at £17.99. Cheapest elsewhere is £34.95 at Foxy.co.uk It was also only released less than 4 weeks ago, so it's a very good deal.

these 'sales' are always the same - prices the same as the day before, and when counters reach 0 they reset, a load of tripe if you ask me!

hmmm i get to a place where it lists cd's, dvd's and games, but they all appear to be the same price at best to anyone else, and in the case of xbox 360 games, the prices range between the same price on 1 game to £10 more expensive than pretty much anyone on an other.
and it also doesnt look like very limited stock amount wise as they are all running off a 1000, according to the counters.

a competitor for games shite 24 hour sales.

Original Poster

Have to agree these 24 hr sales are usually a major letdown.I try to help whoever i can and posted it because it is advertised as a sale and somebody just might get something that they want.As BristolDeal pointed out,there is at least 1 bargain there for somebody.:)

Yeah only real bargain is house season 2. Just annoying that I had bought it la couple of weeks ago.


U might be lucky, they have been known, in their last sale, to cancel boxsets, return the money back to your card and then forward the Boxsets.:thumbsup:
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