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why are people voting it cold?


Well I presume because CDwow don't tend to honour discounts

or that you have just put cd-wow sale instead of posting specific items that are actually bargains.

cos most of their sale prices are still way too high

MGS 4 (PS3) £29.59 (can be bought for £18)

Mirrors Edge (Xbox360) £28.79 (can be bought £15)

FIFA 09 (Wii) £23.99 (can be bought for £23)

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 (DS) £15.99 (can be bought for £10)

to name but a few

sorry cold

If you think they are high don't look at the blu-rays! :-D

Price are pretty poor to be honest, I got the Alan Carr dvd for £1.99 last week, that was good but the prices in this sale are still higher than the competitors.

Cold from me - because it's CD-WoW and their customer service sucks. I bought a DVD off them before Xmas, played it over Xmas hols and found it was faulty. Contacted them to get it replaced, sent it off and waited over 6 weeks before the acknowledged they'd got it, despite several email requests for update. It then took another 5 weeks for a replacement to arrive, which was obviously not a new one as the case was worn, the disk had finger prints on it and also a scratch. The only saving grace was that the disc did actually play.

So that's why I'll be wary of using them again.

If the prices they're charging for some of those games weren't so hilarious, I'd probably be offended that they thought I'd think this sale was a bargain.

The usual cd-wow quality sale......

Wall-E on blu ray £26.99 bargain!!

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meh, i've never had a problem with CD-WOW, and i've been using them for years.

usually get a good bargin too, obviously checking Play, Send it etc as well


why are people voting it cold?

Better to post individual items where you can prove the item is cheaper than anywhere else. All these online retails have so called 'sales' where they discount a couple of items of tat and sell other stuff at normal/high prices.


Hi mugglesquop

Thanks for posting. There are some bargains on CD Wow; I know I've posted a few. And I personally have only ever had swift service from them; so I've no complaints.

It is better though to post individual deals; or give examples of the best deals that the site has to offer; as they can be quite expensive. But, if you take the time to look through you can find some great bargains. Whizzkid posted a 2 disc Iron Man DVD yesterday for just over £2. That was a proper bargain. But, it has now sold out. Hardly surprising at that price

Regards Andy
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