CD WOW! & Biggest EVER Voucher GIVEAWAY
CD WOW! & Biggest EVER Voucher GIVEAWAY

CD WOW! & Biggest EVER Voucher GIVEAWAY

Yet another email voucher giv-a-way from CD-WoW

Please note this is for CD-WoW.IE

Also no matter how many times you try for the voucher it will give the same code for the same email address. Details of the promo

It's now time to treat yourself so... grab yourself a money off voucher in our Biggest Ever Voucher Giveaway!

If you are lucky you could even blag yourself a Free Chart CD as there are 11.99, 8.00, 4.00, 2.00, 1.00 and 50c vouchers to be had. There is absolutely no catch, just see the instructions below to get blagging!

Please Hurry! you only have 48hr to redeem your voucher!

I have just done it twice (different emails) and received 2 vouchers for 2 euros each Shame you can only use one at a time

(please be gentle this is my fist post



Got a 2 euro one, better than I usually get! Ta

Thanks and welcome :thumbsup:

Prft, CDWOW are useless when it comes to sending out good vouchers.

I'll give it go, and lets hope I'm wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

No offence to OP mind.

wow 2 euros to sell ur email address to a spambot

don't like these giveaways

my own opinion

Just got the voucher for 11.99 thanks


2 Euro Voucher: 1c86c-6bd26-67d96-b7299

same - 2 euro voucher - 49025-92fb8-3d015-9f008

same... 2 euros. at least cdwow.ie is better than the cdwow.co.uk in terms of the lowest voucher. cdwow.co.uk is famous for only giving £0.50 vouchers to everyone

Argh, 13 vouchers for 2 Euros and one for 1 Euro!

Will I ever get a high value voucher from these meanies?
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