Cd-wow have reduced all games by £2 for today
Cd-wow have reduced all games by £2 for today this is on all formats wii ps3 pc xbox 360 etc


Got Juiced 2 for 7.99 on the 360.

Cheapest I could see it anywhere else was a tenner.


thanks got £3.00 off ds dogs


FIFA 2006

Released 30/09/2005


Platform:Playstation 2

Bah... No Tekken on PS2!

Still gets a hot though even though CDWow have let me down in the past.

Race Driver Grid on the 360 was £27.99 last week. Today it's £30.99 after the £2 discount!? Their delivery policies have changed too so you pretty much have to pay 50p extra postage unless you want to take your uninsured chances with international mail. No thanks.


Discount also applies to pre-orders.

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thanks for adding the vouchers

They always bump their prices up before giving these discounts..............bah! :x

I cant get this to work with the vouchers for £1 off - how are people getting games reduced by £3? Onthe nus site still reduced by £2 only.

nice spot

Most of the games are way overpriced anyway

Coooollllld!!! - Just You Guy's Wait For The Email Saying Out Of Stock! Same Thing Happened Last Week With Cd's

Shocking prices! £32.99 for NBA 2K6!

Even with the £2 off they are still way over priced for every single PS3 title they stock!

I wouldn't trust any of their promotions or discounts. Got a lot of cancelled orders from them. Never will shop with them again.

I've generally found CD-Wow to be good, only a couple of mishaps but they're pretty good on the whole :-D
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