CD WOW / hotUKdeals lunchtime sale!
CD WOW / hotUKdeals lunchtime sale!

CD WOW / hotUKdeals lunchtime sale!

From 12 midday today until 2pm today, CD WOW and hotUKdeals are offering the chance to buy a chart cd from only £7.49 delivered - prices are automatically adjusted.

You may also be able to use futher vouchers with this promo, however please check the terms and conditions before use.



Excellent fordy, thanks :-D Bargain Alert!

[SIZE=2]clicked on a cd still got the same price 7-99 for SS no deduction on screen??? is me bein thick[/SIZE]

I'm seeing the prices at £7.49 when I click through the ]http://www.hotukdeals.com/images/gotodeal.gif button above chuf.

seems the offer knocks 50p off everything, have checked dvd's and games.

must be me.............. clicked the link clicked on a cd £7-99 shows in me basket at £7-99 still???? ummmmmmmmm any ideas:roll:

This is whot i get ][COLOR=#000099]SCISSOR SISTERS[/COLOR]][COLOR=#000000]Ta-Dah[/COLOR][COLOR=#cc0000] £7.99[/COLOR]
[COLOR=black]goto check out still the same[/COLOR]

Try using this and see what happens:


still the same.......... do you c the cds marked at 7-99 as i do or are u gettinmg them at 7-49 when u add them to your basket ?????

Coming up as £7.49 on screen and in the basket. Can you try using a different browser perhaps? (Firefox, IE)

gonna try FF

tried FF still the same Bizar i give UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't work for me either. Plus the Capital One link from last week takes the CDs down to £7.24, so is cheaper!

Right found the F***** Problem its all to do with history cash on me pc....give it a gud wipping of old temp files ect ect and Hey Presto Its There £7-49 :-D Yes amazing but true it has worked for me........At last im there with the big GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:giggle:
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