cd wow voucher give away from 25p to £7.99

cd wow voucher give away from 25p to £7.99

Found 28th Jan 2008Made hot 28th Jan 2008
We've thousands of free vouchers up for grabs for £7.99, £5.00, £2.00, £1.00, 50p, 25p

Hurry! All vouchers expire in 48 hours!
just enter code and email addy 2 find out how much u will get off .


I got 50p. Thanks op.


I got 50p. Thanks op.

me too cheers

thanks op got a 5 quid one and a 7 99 one as well



thanks op got a 5 quid one and a 7 99 one as well woohoo

Fancy chosing six lotto numbers while you're on a roll - the odds must be shorter.

Yeah, I've just done 5 in a row and they were all for 50p.

50p for me too

Original Poster

50p for me about 10 times


i always get 50p on these, load of rubbish

50p same old

50p here.

All the others that I tried were 50p - btw someone (not me) won that 18mill triple rollover Sat night on the lotto

Anyway I can't recommend any numbers, however a lucky dip is more of a chance of winning - numbers picked by a computer for a computer and all that.........

50p - tried 4 times

I have only ever got 50p in these things, has anyone ever actually heard of anyone getting more?

Always 50p for me

50p here too

only 50ps......

I have done this EVERY TIME this offer comes up and have NEVER had more than 50p - must be 1 or 2 available of other values...

50p too!!

50p for me too

2 x 50p for me


ok 50p really



£0.50 again!


have my 50p code!

4x50p - My email address must be cursed as I never get an exciting CDWow voucher

12 attempts: 12 x 50p

you guessed it 50p

£2 and a 50p for me

Must have been a lucky one!

50p here too

15 times

50p all the time

Anyone claiming a 5.99 AND a 7.99 has either applied a million times or is lodging with Elvis.

50p. Not even trying it with any of my other "more serious" email addy's. I'd rather no discount, than a few quid off and lots of spam.

Just realised you can apply more than once with the same email address..

8x50p for me...i try this every time they do it, got a zillion 50p codes, never anything more :-c

50p ...again

wonder if anyone got a 25p one? that would be very unlucky.


thanks op got a 5 quid one and a 7 99 one as well woohoo

I have to call bullsh!t on this one. Nobody else has ever got anything other than a 50p and you get two good ones! You definitely need to buy a lottery ticket and send me the numbers :thumbsup:

i had a dozen 50p vouchers. ok like cos 50p is atleast something off but wish i cud av ad the £5. wanted that robyn album 4 free! lol! HOT! HOT!HOT!

50p for me!


thanks op got a 5 quid one and a 7 99 one as well woohoo

Well done walter mitty!

It seems that the codes are generated based upon your email address so if you use the same email twenty times, you'll always get the same coupon - ie. identical coupon code and identical value. If you do want to stand even the remotest chance of getting a coupon other than the ****** 50p ones, you'll need to use a different email address each time. Personally I think it's all a complete waste of time - as far as I'm concerned, CD-WOW can stick their 50p coupons up their ....
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