Found 11th Nov 2006
I won these in the footy forecast, but they expire at the end of november, so put them to good use!
d4b85-eb268-b191d-36359 0.50
e6641-dea02-82ae5-6129b 0.50
1d663-f4883-4b389-1b36a 0.50
b7f0a-48e08-74b7d-159ae 1.00
37ce2-c2a77-520b7-dba60 0.50
a552b-c4405-8a337-68ad2 1.00
4a454-40f5a-8c890-41bba 0.50
28d56-ed0ae-d80fd-d8c0b 1.00
76592-30968-9502e-121a3 1.00
24ca6-9aacd-db969-430a6 1.00
770a6-ba066-777c6-2eb7b 0.50
986d0-1f597-7720b-258c3 1.00
cab56-e33e9-7d5a7-acc6c 2.00
d31c6-3ae0b-8704c-c6344 1.00
8834a-44a9d-fef41-f06fb 2.00
b5465-5def7-29eb7-a7520 1.00
603e3-3d5c9-89286-bfce0 1.00
9d6ed-534da-7e365-d8bbf 1.00
22ed3-5a68b-38107-4e829 0.50
b0df2-4cb6c-8a212-71941 1.00
2277a-86ed3-1b1a2-e7e8a 0.50
498a6-a8607-b5499-5dde2 0.50
5cbb6-e7d7e-1d958-6b440 1.00
26ae9-de69a-8b7a2-6ce76 0.50
3a67a-20089-f97b9-ee168 0.50
f0bce-66e95-cc3e3-9db0e 1.00
66c14-310f7-1abda-fc290 0.50
ece15-cc29b-27212-3657c 1.00
4fc14-a1fd6-a7b33-9bb1b 2.00
e8192-8f5ad-61c21-4ba39 1.00
948aa-9daf8-3b643-59edc 1.00
2d69d-ba448-f65e7-3d333 1.00
a0906-3bb0f-127ef-a113c 1.00
b2f2b-f39f1-570fb-a7a03 0.50
d87b6-b326f-909e3-af155 1.00
45858-4d550-6b8b4-9edeb 0.50
82651-e9bc4-d0898-a3450 2.00
8328b-c7aa6-ee4b1-47e50 0.50
3aa87-da1ae-3b181-ec764 2.00
f69bc-b2fd6-1cf13-80de2 1.00
5faab-96827-418aa-68294 0.50
139b9-9097a-f9f11-b54aa 0.50
974b3-69299-bad1a-a8358 0.50
7b316-85d2b-fdb96-ae1fc 2.00
aa0c2-992b5-c6c33-b49d5 0.50
ca9df-184e3-4c4c4-2a9e9 1.00
98573-54b2a-274d8-642d8 1.00
79752-41a82-f0fe0-7febe 0.50
8d161-a58a8-5baeb-e4e34 1.00
a992f-11891-e7a6a-e331e 1.00
5ad70-437a0-b8172-1df44 1.00
fa186-fb431-20cc0-ff5fc 1.00
14a32-25164-a8b7e-44202 1.00
aad26-cbd2c-63792-785fe 1.00
acf33-17638-8f5f8-feb07 1.00
647b6-275d2-b8d2e-bd0f5 1.00
ac7d5-21e8d-9a186-b5a95 0.50
1500c-b2cc6-82589-61fdf 1.00
324a6-63128-10d32-15998 1.00


Would be nice if members posted to say they've used them.

sorry...but what do they do exactly?:p
thanks :-D


all the £2 ones are used


all the £2 ones are used

Unfortunately there are many thousands of non-members who read these forums and aren't able to say thanks when they've used them. I'm SURE they would like to though.


I'm SURE they would like to though.

If only joining was free and easy. :roll:

I've got plenty of £1 and £0.50 ones that I won't use now (footy vouchers used to last forever then they changed them once they'd already given me a few). PM me if you want them.

edit: This has been marked expired but I'm sure plenty of other people have ones to share... could it be unmarked?

I expired it because it keeps the vouchers for forum members instead of those passing through ;-)


How does one person get some many cd-wow vouchers? Are they from the world cup promo?

Yeah World Cup Promotion computersaysdoh

Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way ;-)

Now it shows as not expired but only in the forum

Hehe Good one ;-)



Yeah World Cup Promotion computersaysdoh :)Welcome to HotUKDeals by the … Yeah World Cup Promotion computersaysdoh :)Welcome to HotUKDeals by the way ;-)

Thanks for the warm welcome. If I save lots of money, I will change my name to computersavesdough

My post jumped over yours :roll: But that is a good one :-D

All £2.00 used already. Tried them all

might be a good idea do have an unwanted vouchers thread (members only of course) i have a couple of kitbag ones that i may post the beginning of next month which expire on 31/12/06. I may use them yet on christmas presents but if i dont i will def post them on here

by the way i have just used the

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