CD/DVD/Games - Opening offers @ Best Buy Merry Hill
Something that i haven't seen posted yet,

All Blu-Ray Chart titles are 2 for £22 including dual play Princess and the Frog.
All DVD Chart titles are 2 for £18.
All CD Chart title are 2 for £15.

Individual Boxset deals too:

James Bond complete - £49.99
Sex and the City complete - £34.99
Dirty Harry Blu-Ray collection - £17.99
Bourne Trilogy Blu-Ray - £14.99

DSi XL Brown or Wine - £99.99
PS3 250gb with Rachet and Clank, South Africa World Cup game, one controller and one remote - £249.99
DJ Hero all formats - £39,99
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - £24.99.


Wow, those offers are weak...

most have been posted seperatly already like the DSI XL and super mario galaxy 2

Shame about the road system to merry hill, often get stuck in traffic near there. otherwise, agree that offers aren't fantastic.

Best Buy in the US can be great, but it's now here in the UK, and we face another rip off, I'm sure. Not voted on this deal
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