CDWOW 24 hour sale now on..... ! (CDs and DVDs)

CDWOW 24 hour sale now on..... ! (CDs and DVDs)

Found 24th Aug 2006
There's another 24 hour sale now on at CDWow, this one is in conjunction with Nectar eStores. I know these sales are sometimes pretty feeble, but they are worth a look in case there is a bargain to be had.

There seems to be quite a lot on offer, but I suggest you PRICE COMPARE before you buy. Some items may well work out to be the cheapest on the web if you use some of the voucher sin the voucher section with them.

Click the "Go to deal" button to have a browse.
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Just note... Peep Show is being sold off cheap because they have the box set coming out in November.…090

£17.99 Pre Order.

Even cheaper with Vouchers and Quidco.
GOod point Gary - but the above prices from CDWow are very good, I was quite surprised to see them so cheap. Thanks.
it's quite mean that they've only reduced most things by 50p, as I was looking on the site the other day and everything was 50p more expensive
Dont forget that you can save £1.50 by using the HSBC discount and the £1 voucher together - Only if your a HSBC customer of course

Also emmajk42; Your links go to the product at the normal price not the sale price, go through the deal link for the "better" price.
OOO sorry guys, didn't notice the direct links were dodgy, with my cookies they still show up ok! CHEers.

@ adam - yes it may only be a 50p reduction, but some of the prices are the cheapest on the web I can see for these items. HOWEVER - some items in the list are over priced, as I say - check before you buy
Cracking price but Virgin are doing it for the same instore:…135
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