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5 film jack Ryan bluray uhd £40.08 from USA wowhd
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Sum of All Fears, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, and The Hunt for Red October. Shipping from the USA so will take longer and watch out for… Read more

Yep 4k uhd, i may update if / when mine turns up. Its also got normal region locked blu-rays. see if its got digi codes... should have said about tax. elsewhere 60£ for uk spec which is too much.


Why? Under £10 per UHD disc?


This a joke?

Watchmen ultimate cut UHD 4K £15.63 at wowhd
Found 29th May 2018Found 29th May 2018
Best price it has been UHD disc is region free Been waiting For this to be a decent price
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Now showing 33 quid so expire?


Mine just arrived


Regardless of what people think of the transfer or the film..this posted deal is the cheapest it's been, that is the point of hotukdeals, and that's what people are supposed to vote on, anything else is just trolling


Is this the cut with the cartoon of the comic? I have the box set with that cut and had to buy the directors cut as "Red Sauce on Pasta" man annoys me. If I'm ever in a really happy mood I watch this to bring me back down and depressed.


That's for the directors cut, this is the ultimate cut and they are two different things. There is only one blu ray release of the ultimate cut, in the US and the disc is out of print now so it goes for £40-£80 on ebay. I upgraded to the 4k disc from dvd, wasn't particularly bothered about it being 4k but it's a much cheaper way to get the ultimate cut. So if you are looking for the ultimate cut this is a no brainer, however if you just want the director's cut you might be better with the normal blu ray, depending on how you feel about the 4k disc reviews.

Dunkirk 4K Ultra HD £15.53 @ WOWHD - Free Delivery
Found 27th May 2018Found 27th May 2018
Dunkirk 4K Ultra HD £15.53 @ WOWHD - Free Delivery
£15.53£19.9922%Wow HD Deals
Next best price is over £20 “Dunkirk” opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea … Read more
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Haha you know what, I need to go back and watch it out of hype bubble. I loved Dark Knight so much I thought it wasn't as good, but I do get myself overhyped before seeing films then tend to like then more on subsequent viewings....that always happens with my holy grail of films - Star Wars! (I thought Solo was great) Just bought the Bat trilogy on 4k so it'll be going back on soon!


I was about to kiss and make up untill you said about the last batman. You're now back at the top of my hit list ha ha! It's all good buddy. Love not war!!!


lol I know when I'm being a jerk, and when to shut up! Dunkirk a good film I think, great companion piece to the Darkest Hour. But see why it's not blown everyone away, it's not conventional....I do think could have done with some more characterisation. Maybe I'm too forgiving, I love Nolan you see! (Except the last Batman)


Awww, I'd just been out and bought some popcorn!


This chap right, I was being a smart Alec, so apologies all :) I've deleted my smart remarks :)

Inception 4K Ultra HD £15.63 @ WOWHD - Free Delivery
Found 27th May 2018Found 27th May 2018
Inception 4K Ultra HD £15.63 @ WOWHD - Free Delivery
Great film at a great price. The next best price I can find is Amazon £19.99. Before anyone asks. Director Christopher Nolan's mindbending sci-fi thriller stars Leonardo DiCap… Read more
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No I was about to mention that one as that’s the one I use and I find it a useful service


I didn't say anything about that, but some of them are region free too. The UK on is region free I believe, I'm not sure about this one though.


But not the BD disc.


The 4K movie will be region free.


Nowhere does it mention that this will be region A and the company is based in the US so postage will be about 2 weeks.

Terminator 2 4k Blu Ray £13.34 @ Wow HD
Found 27th May 2018Found 27th May 2018
Terminator 2 4k Blu Ray £13.34 @ Wow HD
Cheapest I can find at the moment

Uncompressed blu-ray and 4K discs are better than encoded downloads.


Well perhaps the younger folk might agree with you. Surprised you preferred T3, Salvation & Genesis to T2, it’s a masterpiece.


Maybe so but I've got a server in the house so don't need to move to change to another movie lol.


Because its still better than streaming.


People still use disc format lol

Got a new 4K TV?  Build your 4K film collection for £15 or less per disc at WOWHD (mega list)
Found 4th May 2018Found 4th May 2018
Got a new 4K TV? Build your 4K film collection for £15 or less per disc at WOWHD (mega list)
This thread takes inspiration from others by TALON1973, PETER1969UK, etc.It brings together the sub-£15 4k discs from WoWHD. Delivery does take a couple of weeks, and the supplied … Read more
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Oh lol i will take it (highfive)


From what I have read, to the professionals that is not necessarily true anymore. Digital always had practical advantages and definitely has archival and distribution advantages over film. Some big directors like Nolan and Tarantino only shoot on film. Others don't. Digital allows you to instantly see what you are doing, you don't get any issues with developing or a lab screwing up your print. According to cinematographers in the Industry cinematographers weigh in on film vs. digital article it comes down to a matter of taste and what you are used to.


Come on mate. Even you must know film is a much better medium to shoot on than digital? How do you explain the shear beauty of IMAX shots compared to other footage? Film is far superior to digital that’s why old movies that have been looked after will produce amazing 4k material. As for why new movies sell more? Because they are new and have wider general audience. Old movies have a niche set of viewers who will buy that movie because they love it, the rest of the general audience will just watch it when it’s shown on tv.


They just are not a film fan I guess. My head hurt trying to explain to them as well. Blade Runner is one of the best 4k films I have seen. Well worth the price and I already own 3 other versions.


Does anyone else agree?,KitKat there are still old films that look good e.g blade runner 4k and that still seems to be fairly popular for its age and it looks great too so I don't know why he's arguing saying there's no point for old films!there is a big market for older classics to be remastered for 4k!there are some that everybody loves to watch over and over

Leon the professional 4k blu ray £16.38 @ WOWHD
Found 15th Mar 2018Found 15th Mar 2018
Just seen this and for me is a must buy in 4k. Reviews have it improved over the remastered version that came out on blu ray. PRICE includes delivery (highfive) Description say… Read more
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Id appreciate your help in this, will send screen shot later. (skeptical)


4k has no region lock on player or disc. Blu ray discs /dvd do suffer from it tho.


There is region locking going on somewhere for 4k, it's either my player or the disc.


Mine's region locked and won't play on my 4k player.


Been offered 10% refund due to the incorrect listing (cheeky)

The Breakfast Club Criterion Edition Bluray - £17.83 @ WOW HD
Found 3rd Mar 2018Found 3rd Mar 2018
The Breakfast Club Criterion Edition Bluray - £17.83 @ WOW HD
Superb cheap, and you need a Region A/multi region player to play it but well worth it. No customs to pay.

transfer looks the same as UK release which is £5 on ebay new.


Why would they make them region free? get a region free blu ray player, solved.


Never gonna happen, so Buy a Region free player


I agree but its a good cast


One of the most boring films ever made.

Dredd 4K UHD £13.90 @ WOWHD UK
Found 14th Feb 2018Found 14th Feb 2018
Dredd 4K UHD £13.90 @ WOWHD UK
I personally really like this film. I don’t think this has a UK release but seems a decent price for the 4K version. The Blu Ray will be a Region A for US. Not sure why it states… Read more
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excellent film, already own the bluray, but what the hell i'm going to get this .... btw ... theres very big rumors that a spin off tv series is in the offing, and karl urban wants to play Dredd ... fingers crossed


Voted hot and I don't even have 4k but if I would, I'd get it. Watched this in 3d ( which was effectice) at cinema and was deserted and I couldn't help but wonder why ? Well almost - Except for eventually being accompanied 2 tools sitting RIGHT next to us who almost spoiled it, coming very late into the cinema it had started already, might have been muttering something about taking their seats or something ? Its an empty cinema on a started film you utter tools, you can sit whereever you like but I'd rather that instead of ruining the experience they could just said, oh do you mind moving I think you are in our seats. Didn't disuade from a very good film for a 2000ad fan, this will be a timeless film so definitely worth owning in the best quality you can


Because Chips and Baywatch have any resemblence to Dredd ????


I agree with you. I got fed up and switched "The Raid" off ! Dredd however was great and Urban was rightly praised as getting Dredd right. To be fair to Stalone, he wasn't bad, but the helmet should NEVER come off, and the idiot story line was typically American standard which they also used to destroy their take on Dr Who. Everything going wrong, loads of pain and no way out but he succeeds and wins. Here it was done much closer to original


Saw the raid and despite good review found it boring- think the visual and 3d and sci fi kept me interested in dredd , as plot was maybe a little lite- but hinted at larger world is also what made it interesting and makes a dredd 2 enticing

Coco (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Ultimate Collector's Edition) - £23.00 delivered @ Wow HD
Found 23rd Jan 2018Found 23rd Jan 2018
This is a pre-order for release on 27th February. Coco will not be released in the UK in 4K by Disney for reasons they only know, but this is a great price for around what UK price… Read more
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Thanks for posting this OP. Mine arrived OK, kids really enjoyed watch it


Price has increased to £35.29


It isn't available anywhere to pre order like the standard blu and 3D. GOT2 was available to pre order along with the standard versions and was released on the same day as the other versions. Disney seem to be neglecting the UK 4k market with Cars 3 and Pirates of the carribean also not getting released over here.


Do you have a source that says this wont be available in the UK? I read it was arriving late as did GOTG2


I'd be interested in this too. Dredd and Ex Machina are a couple that I know of, both sub-£15 on wowhd

Metallica - Master of Puppets 2017 Remastered CD Album only £3.85 @ Wow HD
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Metallica - Master of Puppets 2017 Remastered CD Album only £3.85 @ Wow HD
This is the newly released remastered 2017 version that was put out in the recent Puppets boxset. Just to be clear, this is album only, not the expanded edition with all the extra … Read more

Ride and KEA dropped slightly too. I'm not gonna lose any sleep over 5p though!


Damn ordered and the price has dropped now :(


If someone asked which is their best record I would struggle to choose between the first 3 but I think Puppets means the most to me as it was just coming out when I first got into them. I probably listen to KEA the most these days though.


Great album. I still prefer "Kill 'Em All" though, just for the energy.


It's new.

The 5th element 4k UHD - £17.78 @ Wow HD
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
The 5th element 4k UHD - £17.78 @ Wow HD
Not as good as the offer a few weeks back, but not a bad deal for a classic movie. I believe this was sourced from a 4k master, and should be quite an upgrade on the sta… Read more

Not the best for 4K demo, grainy is a word that I'd use too. But you could support more films like this if you buy it... it's a classic


Agree. Love this movie but grainy as


Fantastic disc!!


I found it to be a very good transfer. This is taken directly off a 4k master


Great movie. However this 4k transfer is VERY grainy.

Terminator 2 - 4k UHD Blu Ray, Blu Ray & HD Digital Copy - Only £14.92 delivered @ WowHD
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Terminator 2 - 4k UHD Blu Ray, Blu Ray & HD Digital Copy - Only £14.92 delivered @ WowHD
A Brand New Restoration James Cameron’s epic action, sci-fi masterpiece starring Schwarzenegger in his most iconic role, has been stunningly restored by Cameron himself. First hit… Read more
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The film has been cleaned up and rescanned in 4k, which is included on the UHD. The 3D version in theatres is a 2k downscale of that new 4k source. Hence it's the good 2k from 4k, not the poor 2k.


Enjoyed watching this again on the big screen last night. I've seen it many, many times at the cinema including in 70mm and this new 3D version certainly is the most detailed video of any version I've seen on a cinema screen. 4K or not.


What they see and what they think they are seeing is a whole different thing though. as I stated , despite the 2D version having 4K inthe file name when you go into the resolution details it's only 2k. Mr Cameron is having us all on methinks.


It's been reported that people have seen the 4K restoration at screenings a month or two back. All I know is that it was treated to a 4K scan with input from Cameron to adjust a few things.


Wasn't any such illegal thing , it was the actual cinema dcp which I also tested late last night. 161gb file resolution 2k 24fps.

Howard the Duck Blu Ray (Region Free) £5.54 @ WOWHD
Found 23rd Jul 2017Found 23rd Jul 2017
Howard the Duck Blu Ray (Region Free) £5.54 @ WOWHD
Blu Ray Review
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The version shown (American) is region free and is the superior release due to having DTS 5.1 soundtrack along with 2.0 English and French whereas the other version is just 2.0 English


Thank you fella - it worked :D


I went to the Krull world premiere in Leicester Square when I was about ten. I thought it was sheet then! But I'd watch it again for Lysette Anthony's finest performance


If you're ever not sure about a US release, if its A locked, search for it on and you'll generally be able to find out its region coding. Howard the Duck for example, is confirmed ABC aka region free on its page. Universal blu-rays are usually region free, but there are some exceptions. For example, a few of the Studio Ghibli films released by Universal/GKIDS are region A locked. Just in general though, Blu-rays are a lot more likely to be region free than locked vs DVDs where region 0 DVDs were in the minority. So its worth looking further afield when buying blu-rays. By the way, all European & Australian blu-rays will play in UK players (we are all region B, as is Africa & Middle East). So if for example you wanted Tom Savini's 1990 remake of "Night of the Living Dead", the Australian region free blu-ray is very affordable. Only other release is an OOP US release which was region A locked. Although even if Australian blu-ray had been locked, it would have still played in UK players.


I posted a deal on the Krull bluray a while back , so dunno if you got it then, but as mentioned you just have to hit the top menu button or square on a ps3/4 and it will bypass to the movies menu. Its a glitch in the release .

The Fugitive (20th anniversary) Blu-ray £3.07 at wow.hd
Found 3rd May 2017Found 3rd May 2017
The Fugitive (20th anniversary) Blu-ray £3.07 at wow.hd
Region free. free postage. Review below. Harrison Ford runs,stops a bit,then runs again.
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Mine came today as well :)


Thanks again thebaron69, received mine today :)

Now £6...still very tempted though....


Ordered. Being remastered and after reading the review the op posted it was hard to turn down at this price, Great film. Heat added.


best version of this aswell, as its the remastered version. the previous and current UK release isn't very good

John Wick - 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray (Instawatch, With Blu-Ray, Ultraviolet Digital Copy, 4K Mastering) - £13.67 at WOWHD
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
John Wick - 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray (Instawatch, With Blu-Ray, Ultraviolet Digital Copy, 4K Mastering) - £13.67 at WOWHD
This went very hot at £14.39 recently, so £13.67 seems like a great price!
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Actually in John Wick 2 they show him kill two people with a pencil.


I'm not a fan of Steven Seagal. John Wick is a great film. Beverly Hills Cop shouldn't be allowed in the same list as good stuff like Lethal Weapon and Collateral... And Jackie Chan is an action hero.


One of the best UHD's out there.


Great film


Fairly recently...

Dredd - 4K UltraHD Blu Ray (with Blu Ray and Digital HD) £17.48 (Pre-order - 06/06/17) @ Wow HD
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
Dredd - 4K UltraHD Blu Ray (with Blu Ray and Digital HD) £17.48 (Pre-order - 06/06/17) @ Wow HD
*** 4K Blu Rays are not region coded (so far) *** Mega City One is a vast, violent metropolis where felons rule the streets. The only law lies with cops called "judges," who act a… Read more

Now £13.85!


I've been looking for a reason to watch this again, now all I need is a 4k blu ray player and a 4k tv ;)


It's way overpriced. How will you convince the masses to pay this for a second rate movie when it's £1.30 for dvd on Amazon. Bluray didn't catch on mainly due to availability and very high prices. It's the same story with 4k bluray


Dunno about that, as Dredd originated FROM British comics, (Theres 25 years plus of them) NOT American - and Karl Urban who played the role in the film desperatly wants to revive the role for a sequel


wan't the sequel reduced to a comic?

John Wick on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray with HDR, Dolby Atmos sound & wider colour gamut £14.39 from,
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
John Wick on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray with HDR, Dolby Atmos sound & wider colour gamut £14.39 from,
"You killed my f****** dog! " Not like the majority of films this was actually finished in 4K so you'll see the improvement in detail and then you've got the High Dynamic Range an… Read more

wot a bunch of old women some of you are!


Ordered, thanks!


The Blurays in these are typically region locked, the Ultra UHD ones aren't. While I'd love John Wick UHD for £14.75, I just can't bring myself to have a bluray that I wouldn't use hehe.


Around £1300 hopefully not too long until a drop in price


Not cheap though :(

Batteries Not Included on Blu-Ray £6.01 @ Wow-HD
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Batteries Not Included on Blu-Ray £6.01 @ Wow-HD
Great price for this great film :). This is a region free import from America, plays perfectly fine in the UK. Never been released in the UK on blu-ray. The blu-ray transfer is ve… Read more

Can also back up wiggywig's post. Recently bought several Blu-rays from WOW-HD and the delivery only took a week or two. I've heard they used to have problems, but seems like new management have improved the business.


Classic film. Have some heat.


This site has really turned itself around within the last few months (though i never had trouble), many others online have said the same. They used to take a month for delivery. Now its normally the standard 5 days or so many sites do. Maybe new owners?


Did this site not go down. They struggled to supply my last order. I had to claim back from paypal. Would not use them again just a word of advice.


Yeah. In America, they have the Warner Archive range which has some great films in which we don't get over here, they are region free to.

Pre Order: Metallica Hardwired... To Self-Destruct (3CD Deluxe Edt) £12.82 @ Wowhd
Found 4th Nov 2016Found 4th Nov 2016
Pre Order: Metallica Hardwired... To Self-Destruct (3CD Deluxe Edt) £12.82 @ Wowhd
£17.99 most places for the deluxe , not sure what Wowhd are like for preorders though.

Chinese I think if my memory of when they were CD-Wow is correct. My one experience of them wasn't good so not one I'd recommend tbh


Isn't wow American based? When i tried to order from them a couple of months ago I'm sure it was international shipping.


Heat added



In my experience you'll be waiting months after the release date to actually receive it from this lot. Good price if you can be bothered waiting though.