CECT P168  (iphone copy) - £80 @ Deal Extreme

CECT P168 (iphone copy) - £80 @ Deal Extreme

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Found 14th Jan 2008
for all those people who dont wanna spend 500 pound for a iphone on fleabay!
here is a great site wich i have delt with many times and am always pleased.
this isnt the real thing but i have one and there pretty cool
(please note this site is chinese and shiping can take a while)


would you mind taking some pictures of your phone and posting, of the menus and such.

Adding a price and retailer name to thread title... also please try not to create new merchants for those already in the list Thanks!

Very poor looking product. These tend to be wholly unreliable.

i was thinking of getting one for me self, but after reading some negative reviews about it i changed my mind ...

here is a review by some one.

Posted by bluejay1 on 12/7/2007
Involvement: General (knows how to use it) - Ownership: more than 1 month

Ease of Use:
Build Quality:
Overall Rating:

Pros: If it worked with multimedia, it would be good value!

Cons: Terrible sound from headphones.

Bluetooth headphones a bit better but don't work for video playback.

So basically, as a multimedia player it is useless unless you are home and can use speakers (in which case you would be watching your TV or listening on proper stereo, not your iphone).

Battery charger lasted a month, so can now recharge only via USB.

Other Thoughts: Regret purchase - looked good on website, but just didn't deliver.

Basically an overpriced phone instead of a value-priced multimedia player that it pretends to be.

Bottomline: Keep looking.

DX is pretty good for some stuff but I wouldnt spend lots of money on items as they tend to be all cheap make. I know as I have purchased lots of items from there. The stuff I have bought, I am not bothered if it breaks as it was cheap anyway.

ho hum...free shipping plus import duty!!

Dodge... come on, the fact it is a replica of another product says it all really, China man does it again.

by the way thanks for the post. jayfisher

Wonder where the iphone is actually made?? Probably China too!!

But I have to agree with others, this looks like a cheap copy. I haven't really got £80 to risk!!!

Has anyone actually had success with one??

Who clicked expired on this? And why... ?


Who clicked expired on this? And why... ?

Probably some devoted apple fan. Due to the fact its a copy of an overpriced (in this country at least) apple product.

Rather than see this as an iphone copy i see it as a replica in homage to the iphone.

Personally im of the opinion that a phone should just be a phone, calls and texts are all i need from my phones a dedicated camera and mp3 player will always be better although the mp3 player on my w810i is pretty good.

I wouldnt pay over £50 for a phone anyway, so long as it has clear calls clear screen and blutooth so I can walk down the street looking like im having a coversation with myself thats all I need!

looking at photos of the phone on the website the screen quality and menus look terrible


Wonder where the iphone is actually made?? Probably China too!!

Erghhhh NO!!!

Foxconn make them...


So... in the words of family fortunes... ERGHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHHH!! :P hahaha

i have seen and had a quick flick through the functions of this phone / clone and do not recommend it
looks and feels cheap

i saw you said about buying the actual iphone for £500 on fleabay but you didnt mention that the copys are also on fleabay and are usually cheaper also they have lots of other phones made by cect including a copy of the nokia n95 and many other phones etc.

Hi I brought this model off ebay and it is a nice looking phone however where they have made it into english on the menus, I found many of them came up with english & chinese, very confusing, when you dialled a number it also came up in chinse/same when it rang.

There were functions on there that were only in chinese therefore I was unable to use.

I am not saying DX would supply like this but I wasnt happy at all with the phone, paying £90 for it so I got my money back.

As they say multi language I didnt expect the above. Also when you are used to a normal phone going back to a stylus to dial & manouvere about the phone is hard.

I would like the iphone, im saving for one now - if you like the ipohne im sure that they will come down in price or other companies will make similar ones in the UK

foxconn make everything,including the ps3.I've got one of these phones.didn't like the touchscreen so bought a viewty,but its exactly the same system as far as I can see,selling mine for 60 of anyones interested

at the moment iphone is too expensive by far.you can get a 16gb touch plus,say a nokia n95 or viewty for same price.with more options such as better camera and 3g


Erghhhh NO!!!Foxconn make them...Taiwan...So... in the words of family … Erghhhh NO!!!Foxconn make them...Taiwan...So... in the words of family fortunes... ERGHHHHHH UGHHHHHHHHHH!! :P hahaha

Some people will say Taiwan IS (a province of) China :-)

foxconn what the problem with foxconn? they make decent motherboards and before you say i dont know what im talking about im a certified tech and nearly every motherboard sold uses foxconn connections

I have had there top boards before and are still going strong like the N570/N590 chipset which are both sli boards that were well over £100 when i first got them the daugter now has the N570 it and its never been a bit of trouble. So before you trash a company at least know somthing about them i can see this is pants but it doesnt mean everything they make is the N590 was one of the coolist motherboards ive ever seen




Some people will say Taiwan IS (a province of) China :-)

It's a country though at the end of the day... would be like saying Wales or Scotland are basically England.
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