Ceiling Light Fan - Remote Control, 3 Speed, Reversable, Dimmer Control only £53.00 @ B&Q (was £105.48)

Ceiling Light Fan - Remote Control, 3 Speed, Reversable, Dimmer Control only £53.00 @ B&Q (was £105.48)

Found 11th Aug 2011
I'm just back from B&Q Cumbernauld where I bought one of these ceiling fan lights. This is ideal if you want to cool down during summer or de-stratify rising warm air in winter using reverse mode.

Product Details:

Diameter (cm): 106.6
Brand: Lights by B&Q
Colour: Nickel Effect
Number of bulbs: 1
Room Suitability: Conservatory, lounge, study and dining room
VOC level: Minimal
WEEE Requirements: Lighting Equipment
Model No.: BQ02661
Bulb Type: G9
Material: Mild steel, glass & acrylic
Category: Ceiling Fans
Finish: Mild Steel, Glass, Acrylic
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I live in a Glasgow Tenement and I really need something to de-stratify the warm air near my ceiling during winter because my house gets damn cold, damn quick! Fingers crossed, this will do the job.

There are no user reviews on the website, so I don't know how hard it is to install, but if I don't log on to HUKD ever again, it means I've electrocuted myself to death lol. In that event, please vote this deal hot in my memory

EDIT: I just opened up the packaging to have a look and I must say, it looks absolutely terrific. I also looked at the manual and it turns out, it has a dimmer control on the remote. I also came to the conclusion that I need an electrician to install it as it looks a bit complicated and risky.
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This would be useful for our south facing bedroom on the rare hot days ..... oos for miles around near me.
got something very similar and it is spot on
missus wasnt too keen until bit of hot weather
would recommend one
The same one in different colour gets 3.5 out for 5 from 4 reviews
i've had one of these (same brand, slightly different model) for about six years and it's been faultless! good quality for the money, near silent on the low and medium settings so you can leave it on all night.
How are these on electricity?
couldn't tell you mate! can't see it being much though.
like i said mine is slightly different (5 blades not 4) but all the gubbins are the same from what i could tell in the shop, and the only drawback is the light isn't very bright. it's fine for me, but the mrs has to use the lights on her dressing table to do her make-up!
it really makes a difference on a stuffy night, even on the low setting.
According to the manual, the light is 40w and the fan is 46w = 86w in total.
40w? Might as well just use a candle lol. No good for me
After three hours, I'm pleased to say I successfully installed the ceiling fan light and I'm still alive! It was damn fiddly, but mostly because my ladders were too small - I had to put books on the top rung/ shelf of the ladders and even then, I still had to stand on my toes! The light seems brighter than a 40w bulb, but I'm glad it isn't too bright because I prefer to use a variety of lamps for lighting.

As for the fan, the first two speeds are very quiet and give off a light breeze. The top speed is a bit louder with a hypnotic hum (which I like) and although it's got a stronger breeze, it certainly doesn't make me think a hurricane is coming!

The only thing the remote doesn't do is switch between forward and reverse mode. To change that, I'll need to climb ladders and use the switch above the actual fan. All in all, I'll give it 8/10 as I'd prefer a bit more breeze and would be able to toggle forward/ reverse mode from the remote, but I can live with that. I forgot to say it looks terrific too.
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