Cel Damage HD £2.16 @ Microsoft Store Xbox One

Cel Damage HD £2.16 @ Microsoft Store Xbox One

Found 20th Jun 2017
Great reviews and an amazing price! Save 70% off usual price.

* Single-player / 2-4 player split-screen multiplayer

* 30+ cartoon weapons, like Giant Hammer, TNT Sheep, and Shrink Ray

* 10 unique characters and vehicles to play, each with different driving characteristics

* 13 arenas, from a wild west ghost town to the inside of a moon crater

* 3 game modes: racing, deathmatch and a capture the flag variants
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Cel. As in cel shaded.
Cel. As in cel shaded.
This was awesome on the Gamecube.
That said; I'm not sure of the benefit of an HD version.
Thanks will give it a try
Yep, gonna have to get this.
Loved this on the ps2. Great deal. Heat added

Cel. As in cel shaded.

​opps corrected. autocorrect error.
so much fun. but it not online. up to 4 players couch game. not just for kids. hard mode for adults
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