Celcus 32" HD Ready LED TV with Freeview £100 @ Sainsbury's

Celcus 32" HD Ready LED TV with Freeview £100 @ Sainsbury's

Found 26th Nov 2015
“Black HD Ready 720p

“Black Integrated Freeview tuner

“Black 2 HDMI / 1 USB / 1 Scart / 1 VGA

Was £180, now £100
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£89 last years black friday - I bought one - shocking refresh rate...lots and lots of blur - fine as a backup/bedroom tv with limited use IMO.
I too bought one last year. Not the best tv, but good for the money. Strange to see that same kit is more expensive a year on though. The tv tuner is awful, flesh tones look so white. Now tv and other inputs look much better though
This was meant to £89 this year too.
Still £180 in Sheffield one
Do not buy this TV. It's 'HD Ready', which means sub-HD and not even 1080p (it's 720p). And because it is 32 inches, that low pixel resolution is going to result in a blurry image. When the world is moving towards 1440p and 4k TVs, why in the world is a sub-HD TV £100 or more? This should be £75 at most. At least buy a HD, 1080p TV if you are going for 32 inches and up.
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