Celcus 48 inch Full HD TV £249.99 @ Sainsbury's

Celcus 48 inch Full HD TV £249.99 @ Sainsbury's

Found 26th Nov 2014
Currently on offer at Sainsbury's, reduced from £349.99 to £249.99 (£212.50 for staff). Definitely Full HD, not a smart TV but I think it has built in freeview.
Not a Black Friday deal so stock can be reserved and colleague discount can be used (£212.50 with 15% colleague discount).
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Nice find op, heat on
Can I borrow your colleague discount!
this is quite a heavy beast.
Got one of these today. It is a black friday deal according to the store signage. Bloody good tv for 250. sound is pretty poor though. But picture is not that far off my 55 samsung. hot
From where i need to take that collegaue discount?
do i need to go in store to reserve? icant even find tvs on their site
The sound on 48" its really really bud I'm going to return nine not happy at all even it cost just 250
Just bought one and it is alot of TV for the money, Yes sound is really bad which I rectified with 2.1 Creative PC speakers nicely tucked in behind and picture quality is absolutely decent. Followed AV forums calibrating LED screen and colurs are ok Xbox and PS3 plays absolutely fine and no ghosting or laaaag. For me this is just fine. I was soo close to payin £550 for a Samsung set but now I am glad I didnt
Lucky you, couldn't find this tv when I went looking the day after black Friday

I won't miss January sales though
Does anyone know the motion rate(Hrz) on this tv? Just bought a LG 42" but am not impressed with the picture. My samsung 47" 5 series was much better.
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