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Celcus DLED32167HD 32" HD Ready LED TV 1080p TV £149.99 at Sainsburys
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Celcus DLED32167HD 32" HD Ready LED TV 1080p TV £149.99 at Sainsburys

Posted 23rd Sep 2013Available: National

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OK I have no idea as too the quality of this TV but it is well priced and a full 1080p. Appreciate that 1080p on a 32" isnt really going to make much difference in terms of quality but if you want to use it as PC monitor then it comes in to its own. Problem with lots of TV's is they dont do 1 to 1 pixel mapping which means any writing will inevitably look blurred and crap. The manual suggests it has a PC mode and you can make all sorts of adjustments in PC mode. I cant say for sure that this equates to 1 to 1 pixel mapping but I have a similar feature on my Hanspree TV and text looks great from my PC. No need to resize display on PC

Celcus DLED32167HD 32" HD Ready LED TV

The perfect choice for smaller sitting rooms, the 32" Celcus LCD TV is HD ready and with its built-in digital tuner, receives all-free-to-air digital programmes via Freeview. It has got backlighting via LEDs to give richer colours and better contrast, as well as lower running costs, and it's slimmer compared to traditionally lit flat screen TVs.

Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Contrast ratio: High
Speaker output: 5w x 2
Weight: 5.1kg
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It's showing £159.99 reduced from £189.99 on the website. Is there a code to get it down to £149.99?
The spec on the Celcus website says it's HD ready 1366 x 768 resolution (http://celcustv.co.uk/products/DLED32167HD).
Hi a904lea

They appear to have put the price up since I listed it.

According to the manual on page 14 it supports resolutions up to 1080p

Hi my celcus 32 inch is nearly two years old and you only give 1yr warranty it turned it self off and won't come back on I've changed the fuse but still won't come on why is this
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