Celebrations pouch 490g £2 at Tesco

Celebrations pouch 490g £2 at Tesco

Found 2nd Dec 2015
Celebrations pouches reduced in price to £2 found at Burton on Trent store.
Also includes Roses 500g pouch.
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nice find op, heat
Must be store specific, still full price in Tesco Bordon
Ask them to check the price. They are £2 there too.
Online £3
Hope they have these in my local
the lowest price?
Got these in the Ingleby Barwick store in Stockton, so not store specific!
good price for the weight.
they are £2 in the Hemsworth store too
They are also £2 at Surrey Quays store
£2 in Lichfield, but roses still full price
Checked price in Tesco Yardley, still £3
£2 stafford extr store by the entrance oos of roses.
£4 in my local store.
£2 in Kings lynn Norfolk
£4 in glastonbury store

They are also £2 at Surrey Quays store

Nice one. Thanks for the heads up!
None in Grimsby. Crap
£3 in Walsall . All varieties
£3 in Yate double check with self scanner
Got 10 in Northampton £2 each bargain

Got these in the Ingleby Barwick store in Stockton, so not store specific!

Ah Ingleby Barwick, used to live there when it was a little place and that was Safeway , dunno how it copes now with the size of that estate

ps tonnes of these in Glasgow Silverburn at £2 - they are in a display at the front door but under loads of Quality Street for £3 so have a dig down and there they will be. The 6 bags will keep my 12 cases of coke zero from a couple of weeks ago company in my garage

No sign of Roses tho
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It is on promotion until the 8th dec
£2 at Ashford Middlesex Tesco
£2 (reduced to clear) in the Hornchurch store @ Roneo Corner, the bad news... I got the last bag!
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£2 in Portsmouth
Scanned one of these in Cardiff store last night and it was coming up at £3
These have now gone up to £3
picked up last 2 from the shelf at Feltham; heat
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