Celebrations/Quality Street/£2 @ tesco instore and online

Celebrations/Quality Street/£2 @ tesco instore and online

Found 10th Nov 2013
Was in my local tesco and saw:
Celebrations 380g large carton £2
Quality Street 350g £2
online as well great price for giving christmas presents to friends,family, neighbours great price picked up a few.

Expires 26th November
- DangerousBeans
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Watch the value for money on these. Heroes cartons are £3, (85.7p per 100 grams) but far better value to buy the bigger round plastic tub of them at £5 (64.1p per 100 grams)
Heroes are cheaper on amazon £6 for 3 boxes .

Roses are cheaper 2 for £4 and bigger boxes .

I know you need to buy more than one but it works out cheaper .
Sorry, further to my last comment, they're all £2 in Asda
Edited by: "DangerousBeans" 10th Nov 2013
All £2 @ Asda :-)
Thanks reserved one.
Great But all we have these days is boxes and small tins to fall over controlled by the giants whatever happened to the deep dive single 1.5 kg tins proper sharing!
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