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Posted 29 August 2022

Celestron PS1000 Equatorial Reflector Telescope £149.99 + Free Delivery @ John Lewis & Partners

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Product code: 82984211
Discover the night sky with the Celestron PS1000 Equatorial Reflector Telescope. You’ll be ready to observe out-of-the-box thanks to quick and easy no-tool setup. The PS1000 provides bright, clear images of the Moon, planets, star clusters, and other celestial objects. The sky's the limit!
Fine controlA German Equatorial (EQ) mount allows you to manually track objects as they appear to move across the night sky, while slow-motion controls allow fine-pointing adjustments to the telescope.
Get viewingEverything you need to get started is included: three eyepieces, each giving 50x, 80x and 277x magnification, making it suitable for all types of celestial objects. The 3x magnification Barlow lens allows the power of each eyepiece to be tripled, and a Moon filter allows for more comfortable and detailed observations of the moon. A 5x24mm optical finderscope helps to point to the intended target, while a sturdy aluminium tripod keeps everything stable and grounded.

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    Stay Away! This is actually a lot of money for a rubbish telescope! Anything from this list will be better.
    If you are looking specifically for a 5" equatorial reflector like this one, this one, is £45 more, but its manufacturing cost and quality is probably 4-5x this POS here.

    If you want the specifics, this telescope is a bird-jones design, which should be avoided. The idea of the design is that it uses a cheap spherical mirror (that would normally need an extra long tube to get away with vs the more expensive parabolic mirrors), together with a sort of correcting/barlow lens at the eyepiece holder in order to use it on a short tube, hence to be able to pair it with an extra-flimsy mount that would not carry it otherwise. The design itself would work if the correcting element was precision made (such lenses cost over £100 by themselves), and if the lower weight was not used as an excuse to put it on a tripod/mount made to support little more than its own weight.
    To add to this, the included accessories, from the 5x24 joke of finder to the Huygens and Ramsden eyepieces are worthless. Most decent beginner scopes come with a set of pretty ok eyepieces to start with. I have no idea how Celestron still puts their name on this thing. I expect they renamed the line from "PowerSeeker" to just "PS", but they still sell it to unwitting buyers... (edited)
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    Any telescope pros got an opinion on this? Is it a good starter scope for planet/satellite viewing? Or should I save up for and buy a minimum £500+ one instead?
    Yes, in my opinion these scopes are likely to make you lose interest very quickly. Spend a bit more money, if you want to just do some visual astronomy, a go to telescope like the celestron nextstar 5 or 6se would do the job. If you then want to start decent astrophotography then its a completely different mount required but more money
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    I’m not sure I could drop a grand on something I’m thinking might interest me..? Am I overthinking this?
    Ebay has lots of second hand 500 quid range telescopes. I started during lock down with a 500 quid second hand celestron 5se. It was a great starter scope just to test whether I liked it, but if you do, you will find the costs will spiral out of control if you want to do astrophotography, so just be prepared. For example, I tool this picture of the moon using the 5se and a second hand dslr camera
    48120990-Kb6mA.jpg (edited)
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    Taken with my Nokia 3210.
    Phones have come a long way!
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    I am not a techi as far as telescopes go, but my memory of past threads is that you are better off with a good pair of binoculars.
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    I've been looking for decent telescope for few months now.

    Any recommendations welcome!

    Took this picture with my S21 ultra pro mode.
    48123472-oLWfI.jpg (edited)
    Is that from just bare phone pointing at the moon or using phone down the viewfinder of a telescope?
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    IMO if after your first scope, get on down to astrobuysell or stargazerslounge. Can quite often get a bargain on there. A goto scope is useful imo for tracking and finding objects, alternative is a dob which you just plonk down but a great way of capturing photons. IMO avoid any scope stuck to a none tracked EQ mount, will cause far more frustration than an alt az one. Brand new they go for £500 + but can quite often be picked up for half that.
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    48123539-GE0kv.jpgS22 Ultra takes decent shots of the moon.

    I'd love to get into this hobby but it sounds too expensive.
    Same 💯 my s22 ultra also takes some amazing shots.
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    My advice is get a good mount... Then slap on what's left.
    Cheap Eq manual mounts are what puts people off imho...

    Goto mount would be ideal for casual viewing.... Then a good motorised eq or plinth for photography.
    Although there are some cracking images produced by stacking these days....
    Ask yourself, viewing or photos ! (edited)
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    Replying to

    2nd September(was meant to launch today - but pushed a couple days) - Artemis 1, Artemis 3 - 2025 woop woop
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    Are there any good ones that jl sell as I have some gift vouchers I can use there
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    Don't bother, had this 6 years ago, bought for around 190.
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    I've been interested in buying the AstroMaster 130EQ-MD (not sure what the MD is) / AstroMaster 130EQ, which seems the more popular Astromaster scope, for a while now, but was waiting for the right price. How does this compare? (edited)
    It doesn't really compare at all. This one has a worthless mount, accessories and quite bad optical assembly. The AstroMaster is a decent enough scope, you won't be throwing your money away. If you don't like it, it will likely be not the fault of the telescope itself, so you won't feel bad selling it to someone else to enjoy