Cella Accessory Refill £1 @ Tomy

Cella Accessory Refill £1 @ Tomy

Found 30th Nov 2010
This is my first post but this accessory kit refill enables young anf big kids to make key ring and charms and my daughters love it. There is no minimum spend with code XMASDEL (free delivery) so you get this delivered all for £1!!! not bad for a stocking filler

Refill pack for the Cella Accessory Machine which allows girls to create even more funky accessories.

Contains components for:

6 keyring balls
4 phone dangler discs
4 keyring ball surrounds
4 keyrings
4 phone danglers
2 metal chains
2 cords
2 ribbons
96 beads
4 charms
10 locator ball
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Hi, As this is a refill pack, do you need the machine?(Sorry if this is a stupid question!)
The machine is more just a storage compartment. It doesnt look like it does anything but store it but i have been unable to find the machine anywhere for any specs. But i recvd my pack today and it has all u need to make keyring and phone charms. U
I ordered a couple of boxes last week and haven't been able to find the machine, but as mentioned, I agree it just looks like a storage unit so I think they can be used without it.
Great stocking filler thank you
I was tryin to find whether u need a machine to do anything special and it looks like the actual machine is just a storage box, it also helps you to click the bubbles together which u can do with ur hands. I know u dnt need a manual!!! But this link gives a step by step guide to download and print if ur having trouble with a few ideas!!!!
Thanks, my grandchildren will love these
i noticed these the other day and wondered if they could be used without the machine..looks good?
Many thanks:)
I have the 'machine' if anyone wants if. I am open to offers.
Out of stock now for me :-(
Now out of stock.
When I came to checkout, it says they are out of stock!
shame oos
great first post though
These have come back in stock !
yeas it does look like these are back.... but last week the Quack Shot product from them came back in stock after it was sold out the night b4, they later canx... but worth a shot....
Thanks ordered
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