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Posted 23 February 2023

Blue Circle General Purpose Cement 25kg - £1 instore @ B&Q Trafford Park

In store: Greater Manchester · B&Q Deals
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cement £1 bnq trafford park


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  1. SuperJetSetWilly's avatar
    If kept dry, portland cement will retain its quality indefinitely. However, bagged cement that's stored for long periods in a dry atmosphere can develop what's called warehouse pack, a mechanical compaction that makes the cement lumpy. This can usually be corrected by rolling the bags on the floor to break up the lumps.
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    Try telling Mikeey84 that Willy!
  2. mikeey84's avatar
    These will probably be out of date, so I would advise caution if using for critical work. Should be fine for paving slabs or garden work
    djlondon22's avatar
    Who would have thought :/ ... learn something new everyday thank you
  3. Kk3hlc's avatar
    are these in date?
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    If you’re not going to use it straight away you can freeze it.
  4. michal_michalpp's avatar
    Is it used or new?
    iwo's avatar
    It's used, they chipped it out of the brickwork and rebagged it.
  5. ScorchingLemon's avatar
    Is this a best-before date or a use-by date? I'm looking for a gluten-free alternative for making cakes and this should do the trick.
    SuperJetSetWilly's avatar
    Ok for rock cakes
  6. Bargain04's avatar
    Anyone know if there’s any in any other stores by any chance around West Midlands? I appreciate it depends on if there is stock going out it date.

    Just thought I’d ask if anyone else has spotted any?
    muffboy's avatar
    Hinckley had 2 pallets of this last week. It is hopefully a sign that supply is now outstripping demand and we can all get back to some sensible pricing on building materials!
  7. IanGoodson's avatar
    Out of date ???
    morrig's avatar
    Had used many a bag well out of date, but at this price no brainer if used now. (edited)
  8. Biker.Jeff's avatar
    Hundredweight bags in my day.... guess these young uns nowadays couldn't handle that.
    Get off my lawn.
    Deist_Dean's avatar
    Agreed. You could pay with a Guinea and get seven and six in change. These modern kids with their fancy decimal. They'll be abandoning the furlong and the fathoms next.
  9. 01484's avatar
    Bargain of the day!!!!
  10. AgentBartonBones's avatar
    stonking deal, definitely a hard deal to miss.

    Can just see all the local mafiosa running down to stock up on this right now.
  11. chiefs1's avatar
    was £7.80 reduced to £1
    Orange_swan's avatar
    Out of date. Been there long time
    Ok Blackburn branch is £4 expired
  12. andiwall's avatar
    I think Cemet will be glad of the publicity
  13. miaomiaobaubau's avatar
    For general purposes and if stored properly it should last few years. For immediate use must be as good as new.
  14. kolodenko1's avatar
    During lockdown you couldn't get sand or cement at all or it was ivey priced lol
  15. aron589's avatar
    Anyone else though these looked liked mini iPod shuffles
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    You must have big trousers if you can get one of these in your pocket
  16. Hughsee's avatar
    Someone has over ordered
  17. Hacked's avatar
    Cheap for making Marcel Bigeard boots, thanks

    🤽👢 ⚰️ (edited)
  18. stato257's avatar
    Solid deal
  19. telboy69's avatar
    Lovely stuff
  20. Caveman2014's avatar
    Yes I can build that patio now....
  21. Kk3hlc's avatar
    any left does anybody know
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  22. DrDoolittle's avatar
    Any left now or equivalent nearby? Was going to use for a shed base.
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