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Centre parcs 3 bedroom for the price of 2 - ends 18/10.
18/10/2018Expires on 18/10/2018Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Centre parcs 3 bedroom for the price of 2 Be quick as ends 18th October.

and get a mortgage for the accommodation. We went to longleat, it was great but prices are crazy for the accommodation - had 3 x Three bedroom cabins. We ate in most of the time as the restaurant food was overpriced and grim. Pool was shut more than it was open and even when it was they restricted to age groups, pretty annoying. Still had a good time but prices put me off. Think it was £1100 for 3 nights for each cabin in summer couple of years ago. The most expensive ones are about £10K for 3 nights in summer - bonkers. Take an old car and go to Longleat, then go to the safari afterwards - monkey enclosure is great, lol




You could commute out.....


Agree as you used to get 25% of if you booked within a month of your visit. I think we should all boycott CP for a week (FB page for a specific week) and watch them be empty for a complete week. That would be fun to see and national new too....


We have been more times than I can remember, think we started going when the one in the Lakes was owned by Oasis, that was 20 odd years ago. Anyway we go at least once a year, we moan about the price every time, though will be cheaper this year as GCSE year so can go end of June 19. Think we have paid £559 for 3 bedroom detached log for 4 nights. Taking our youngest and 3 of his friends again. My tips with Center Parcs would be 1. to get there really early first day to make full us of facilities, and stay late last day. 2. Take as much food with you as you can, including snacks, drinks etc as the supermarkets are not cheap. We take disposable BBQ etc as they are expensive on site. 3. We take our own bikes to save money. 4. We take tennis racquets/ table tennis bats with us as at 9am and teatime pretty much empty. Before anyone says it I know you are not meant to do this, but if anyone came on the court we would just move. 5. We normally pay to do 2/3 activities a day, normally the football, tennis badminton etc. 6. The kids love the baths and they are FREE. 7. If you can, do the 3 hour spa session, not moneysaving but a really nice treat. Lovely swimming in the outdoor pool in a Forest.

Centerparcs - Cheap Feb half term hols for some
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
If your kids school has gone for the earlier Feb half term hols there are some bargains at CP website - we’ve paid £359 for Feb 19 and £599 for Feb 2020.

"I stand corrected". Said the man in the orthopoedic shoes.

masekwm It's a fib? Clearly not if you live in Central Bedfordshire.


This is a bit of a fib. Almost all schools in the UK break for half term on the 18-22nd. This isn't a half term deal.


£89 per night for accommodation and 5 days of dome access is cheap in my opinion, less than £20 per person per night. If you can fly a family of 5 abroad for that in half term with a nice hotel, well done, I look forward to the deal being posted as I certainly can't do it!


Isn't the word cheap and centre Parcs in the same sentence an oxymoron?

25% off + 10% off for guests over 55 e.g  5 bedroom premium cottage in Center Parcs De Kempervennen via the French centre Parcs site for £755.05 for 4 nights
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
Booked a 5 bedroom premium cottage in Center Parcs De Kempervennen via the French centre Parcs site for £755.05 for 4 nights during May half term (28/05-01/06). This works at at … Read more

I can recommend this site. Been there 3 times in the last 5 years. A fairly straightforward drive from Calais, we always get stuck in traffic at Antwerp though. There is no language barrier at all at the dutch parks and they are much better value than the uk ones. There is also an indoor ski slope and go karting very close by. The park looks a little tired compared to the uk ones but we may well be making a booking this weekend


Center parcs in Europe is so much cheaper to book than in U.K. We booked in Jan this year for May half term week Mon-Fri for Le bois aux daims. Lovely site. We got 2 bed VIP cottage with family discount for £400.

Center Parcs Brand New Villages Nature's Paris -  4 nights in May Half Term 2018 Mon to Fri from £431 for family of 4. Only 6km from Disneyland Paris. Accommodation Only
Found 10th Oct 2017Found 10th Oct 2017
Centre Parcs Villages Nature's Paris - 6km for Disneyland Paris! I haven't looked into any travel arrangements, so this is for ACCOMMODATION ONLY. However, a friend is going to Ce… Read more
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Prices have been hiked now 580 euro minimum for family of 3


Thinking of doing this over Christmas and getting annual Disneyland passes


The biggest drop in depreciation in a car's value occurs the second the car leaves the showroom.


The realistic cost for most people who live around London is about £50-£90 each way in fuel depending on the fuel efficiency of your car (unfortunately mines not efficient at all so will be about £220 return on fuel for me). On top of that you have a charge of about £120 for return ferry so costs are minimum £240+ for travel unless you have about £40-£50 in clubcard vouchers you can use on eurotunnel or other ferry companies. This doesnt factor in any addition charge for european breakdown that you may or may not have already in your breakdown policy which will be any additional £20 for new cars up to £50 or more for cars > 7 years old. Then you may or may not want to hire bikes whilst there or the more expensive golf cart option. I'll be on the look out for any other HUKDers whilst I'm there as we already have booked at this parc for the same week after we went to one of the other center parcs in France this year and had a great time.


How much wear and tear is there on a round trip to Paris? Certainly not the few hundred quid you think, and again your car depreciates regardless of whether it goes on holiday or not. I don’t really see what your wife’s supposed stupidity has to do with it. I’m sure she’s well pleased you think so little of her.

Centerparcs Disneyland Paris opening 11Aug discounts
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
A new Centerparcs is due to open 11 Aug at Disneyland Paris. They currently have a discovery sale on which reduces many of the accommodations by around 25%. (Of their normal eye wa… Read more
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Thanku will ring them tomorrow


I'm driving it. On the Centerparcs website they recommend CDG. But please check for yourself.


Hi airbiscuits, I've never been to a centerparc before but I've been wanting to go for a while, I was looking at this one u have booked and was wondering if u could tell me wat airport u fly to an how long from the airport is it to the centerparc thanku

£299 for a 3 bed lodge 4 nights 8th May only @ Centre parcs Whinfell forest Cumbria
Found 4th May 2017Found 4th May 2017
Cheaper than the 1 or 2 beds and only £60 more for a 4 bed. Cheapest price I've ever seen a 3 bed The only downside is the lodges seem to be on the outer area but thats probably wh… Read more

​Totally agree. Great price off peak mid-week, but the price hikes for holidays or weekends is shocking.


​Totally agree. Great price off peak mid-week, but the price hikes for holidays or weekends is shocking.


biggest waste of money ever


The biggest rip off holiday ever for families at school holidays, and they even have the cheek to charge extra for using a credit card.


How much for May bank hol week

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Centerparcs in Belgium for Whitsun Half term - Midweek 4 nights - Premium 3 bedroom villa - De Vossemeren - £361.92
Found 28th Mar 2017Found 28th Mar 2017
To get this deal you MUST book in French or Dutch on the or websites. The price on or in English will be at least £150 higher. If you … Read more

Really recommend this. We went to De Kempervennen in school Easter holidays. We're a large party of 10 and there are villas there that accommodate all of us. With an early bird discount we had four nights there & then 4 nights in Bruges with ferry fare for less than a mid week February half term break at a UK Center Parcs. Turns out Netherlands don't have a school break at Easter like we do, so no premium rates. Very similar in appearance and content to UK sites but De Kempervennen also has a petting farm and a snowdome for skiing. With our booking we could also visit another CP nearby just over into Belgium.


We used to do this when my children were younger - it works out much cheaper than booking using the UK web-site.


I've already booked this week to take my little lad .... tunnel was £129 last month. looking forward to it!

Center Parcs Easter 2018 from £429 Derbyshire & Leicestershire School Hols
Found 14th Feb 2017Found 14th Feb 2017
If you live in Derbyshire, your Easter 2018 School holidays should allow you to take advantage of a reasonable price at Center Parcs. Derbyshire schools are off w/c 26/3/18, wherea… Read more
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Thanks, edited title to include this.


Leicestershire same dates as these.


I went last May school holidays and for a 3 bed central log cabin in Sherwood Forest, Monday till Friday it was £359 but I wouldn't ever go back it's not great it's very overpriced and quite dated.


Not sure why this is so cold. Good price for Center Parcs in the Easter holidays.


Personally I think that's a good price for a week!! We do centre parcs but always go out with school holidays as it's soooo expensive!!

Centre Parcs France - August School Holidays
Found 8th Nov 2015Found 8th Nov 2015
Fed up paying Centre Parcs UK Prices look at Europe, Le Lac D'Ailette is only 2 hours by car from Calais and the price difference is incredible Monday 29th August - Monday 5th Sep… Read more
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Chromes browser has a button in the URL bar that translates any page to English.


Right - Noted! Thanks :)


First you sign up in the .com site, then you browse in the .be site, then at point of payment you log (at prompt) in using your .com details and hey presto its all in english, except the price...


Sounds good, but I think I would rather pay the extra €40 to make the booking in english - my French etc is not good at all :)


Next time check the european sites as they are usually even cheaper (for example is 762 euro) others may be even less .be .fr .de .nl

Center Parcs special deals 2016 from £239
Found 26th Oct 2015Found 26th Oct 2015
It's never too early to plan quality family time together at Center Parcs. Get the year off to the best possible start with a short break in the forest and give the family somethin… Read more
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just checked credit card statement was wrong on price eurotunnel plus 4 night stay £600 not £800 as stated. pretty good for school holiday


One way to look at it..... or, they make the money when they can, so that they can continue to operate; as charging just £300 on a limited supply of units on the few times they're full means that they don't go bust. And it also allows them to pay all the extra staff they bring in just for the peak periods, which is nice.


Which one has the best Rapids?


think ours was £800 for six people in second from top accommodation in holland it is about two thirds the price (may half term - no choice wife a teacher).


exactly same for us, stopped going once kids get fines for days off

Center Parcs Half Term Autumn 2016 for Wales schools £379
Found 25th May 2015Found 25th May 2015
Who's up for planning ahead a little? England and Wales schools have their Autumn half term on different weeks in 2016. 4 nights in Center Parcs during England's half term (24th O… Read more

That's very nice of them


Carmarthenshire have changed there dates to align with England.


Don't blame the education system because CenterParcs is an expensive holiday The taxpayer cost of absent pupils taking unauthorised holidays during term-time far exceeds the proposed fines imposed. So they're not 'raising money' in any shape or form - education fines arent speed cameras fines. The warning system and penalties are being imposed because state-funded education simply had enough of large chunks of children missing from classes, affecting their progress, undermining school results and lowering the morale of teachers, who are left helping little Johnny catch-up on the curriculum after two weeks in the Algarve, whilst the other children who were in attendance lose out on that teachers time. All holidays are luxury, non-essential purchases. Some can afford regular ones. Some can afford the occassional one. Some can afford lots of extravagant ones. Others take cheap ones. That's life - its the same with other purchases - cars, clothes, food. I have two children in state education and have the utmost respect for the teachers and governors involved, as I see genuine value at work for my taxes. Its not there to be abused, its there for my childrens futures.


Sorry, hadn't meant to sound grumpy towards you, its the Welsh Assembly.


I'm not taking sides here by the way - I live in Wales and haven't been to Center Parcs this year and not booked for next year either because the holidays in Wales now seem to fall in line with England so no cheap deals :-(

Center Parcs Belgium / Holland Cheap dates for Whit Hols 2 adults + 2 Kids £192
Found 12th May 2015Found 12th May 2015
Hi Not for everyone - but Centerparcs Europe have reduced their prices that Coincide with UK school hols this Whit. This years midweek break is only 3 days instead of the usual 4 … Read more

Just got back - had a great break - call me 'tight' if you want - but spent less than 100 euros all week - took my own food - BBQ every night!!! - Lidl + Aldi just within 10 min of the park - so got fresh salad / bread and wine etc.. People even OK to take their own Cans of beer / pop / sandwiches etc.. in cooler box's inside the Dome. Not sure if they allow this in UK CP's but could be wrong??


Comment Hilly? This is a holiday based on activities and fun, a bit of exercise won't kill you.


Loved our stay at Woburn. Thanks for the post sounds like a good holiday.


We went to CP Erperheide over Easter. For the money it was fine, but it's definitely the smallest CP we've visited. The pool area was also the weakest one we've visited. Not that many features and the changing area was very cramped. Nowhere near enough family changing rooms. However, If you have children under 7, the Baluba indoor play area is excellent, and some of the evening entertainment was quite well done. Overall, the place felt tired and worn out though. But for the money, compared to the elitist, extortionate UK CPs, not worth complaining too hard. Last year, we did Lac D'Aillettes in France, two hours from Calais. That is superior to Erperheide. Holland had NINE centerparcs.....


The UK parcs are a separate company, bought by an investment fund or some such corporate company and just licence the name from the family run Europe company. AFAIK.

Center Parcs midweek 4 nights break form £229
Found 12th Jan 2015Found 12th Jan 2015
thanks to Holiday Pirates... there are few dates available in Jan/Feb & March mid week breaks from £229 @ Center Parcs. Some have spotted even @ £199.. try your luck. consid… Read more
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Thanks. Voted hot


2 bed lodge at Nottingham for Feb half term is £979!!!!




last minute deals. not voting either way but will be expensive in the school hols no doubt.

Centreparcs Belgium Whit Week School Hols 2015 Midweek 3 nts Under £210
Found 31st Oct 2014Found 31st Oct 2014
Whit week school hols 2015 Accommodation still available from approx £200 Use your Tesco Clubcard points for Eurotunnel crossing And Make a cheap break in school hols. Compare with… Read more

Think it worked out for best as just booked week at 5* De Vossemeren in Belgium for last week of summer hols in VIP cottage for 4 for under £600. Can't wait now :-)


I hadn't noticed but if it has then that's a bummer :(


family discount now disappeared :-(


I can sympathise with your view. If I was to take my grandchildren then we wouldn't travel light either, so taking the car would be our best option


TBH I could not imagine traveling there by train - I am sure they have a reliable service but we take so much stuff with us that I just could not carry it all - Just cannot travel ight and also we take groceries with us as the supermarket can be a bit dear

Centreparcs Belgium Whit Week School Hols 2015 Midweek 3 nts £208.33
Found 14th Sep 2014Found 14th Sep 2014
Been going here for 10 years - whit week school hols. This year the midweek hols are limited to 3 nights - Tues to Fri (26th to 29th May 2015) Comfort Cottage works out at 250 euro… Read more

Why not add a couple of days in Brugge or Brussels or somewhere else and make a cheap week's holiday out of it? Do the ferry with DFDS Dover to Dunkirk it's much easier btw.


I've thought about doing this before but isn't it about the same price as a UK one once you've added on the travel costs (fuel, ferry tickets etc.)


I once went to the sun centre in rhyl even they didn't charge for ketchup!! But you did have to dodge the fag dimps in the pool like!!! Is this like that??


Its as expensive as you want to make it! Usually take my own food and BBQ every night. You can even take your own food and drink into the 'dome' swimming area. Been going for 10 years - one year I only spent 70 euros all week . They are much more liberal with their rules - Just one tip though - take a bottle of Ketchup into the burger bar - they charge for it! Can't comment on UK centreparcs - never been - can't afford them!


Are they the same as this country where only swimming is free and fleece you for everything else

Short Week ( 6 days ) at CentreParcs in France in UK School Holidays for £416
Found 29th Jun 2014Found 29th Jun 2014
CentreParcs Europe have just put up most of their 2015 dates. Due to differences in French and UK school holidays you can get out-of-term ( depending on county... Hampshire is good… Read more
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Oh the French are fine. Often quite charming. The Welsh however....


Route from Center Parcs to Lidl in Peer Lidl is about five minutes drive away. Supermarket on site is very expensive and limited in what it stocks. Don't buy any frozen stuff from Lidl before you arrive on your first day as can be quite a queue to get in and all your ice cream will melt!


We'll see you there! You can buy me a drink...


Thank you - booked Erperheide for 8 nights in the school holidays from the 30th march in a VIP villa for 679 euros..... Booked using the Belgian site- think it's shocking they try and rip you off on the British site by not offering the 20% family discount - due to clash with uk school holidays- and they charge an additional tourist tax on the English site.....


Yes. We spoke to them direct and it debits automatically on a certain day. As we are going over easter, the final payment is being collected automatically in Jan x

Center Parcs - Book Early for 2015 - 3 Bedroom Lodge (Sleeps 6) from £229 -  Various Parks and Various Dates @ Center Parc
Found 7th Apr 2014Found 7th Apr 2014
Book early for 2015, breaks from £229 Enjoy a Family Break at Center Parcs from £229. Book early for the best choice and availability. Center Parcs offers a truly serene enviro… Read more
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We love CP, try to go twice a year... Don't mind the price being higher, keeps out the undesirables and Butlins generally has a higher price hike percentage wise in school holidays (never been, never will) the Sub tropical swimming paradise is huge and free to use and if you pick the right activities at off peak times they're very reasonable.


Thanks for posting this Stacey, I love Center Parcs, but unfortunately cannot take advantage of these prices due to school holidays. For all those people saying it is a rip-off, almost all holiday companies raise their prices in school holiday times, it's not just CP. For us, CP is perfect because we can be at Whinfell in 70 mins from home, where my elderly mother (who doesn't travel well) can enjoy her only holiday of the year. To keep costs down, we don't eat out, we swim, walk, cycle, go to the playgrounds, take our own pond-dipping stuff, look for animals etc. and take advantage of what is included in the price, and maybe have one or two paid activities per holiday. If we all liked the same type of holidays the world would be a boring place. So keep up the good work Stacey, I think you do an incredible job helping people get a holiday.


no were not this year :( we are going with my sister and her family and my mum so they chose the hotel this year we are going to the interpur hawaii. We are disappointed about this and perhaps planning a couple of days up in Calas if we can get an earlier flight xx just keeping our eyes open if not it will just be a day trip to see friends xx


Are you going to Hotel Samoa Stacey? Might see you there if you are


Praise the lord! X) What makes me laugh is the whole commission thing, how did that all start oO

Week at CentreParcs in France in UK School Holidays for £555 saving 48% or more.
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
Well.. this is off the back of the another European holiday deal.. a week at CenterParcs Les-Bois Francs ( in France obviously ) in UK school holidays week of 7th-14th April in a C… Read more
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Can I ask if you work for the company why do they rip off customers just because it is the school holidays. The same holiday the week before and the week after is 499 school holiday week is 1099. That is absolutely disgusting


Can I just add that I often rent a house in the woods next to the parc. It's a fantastic resort in a very quiet, secluded, area. The château in the grounds is lovely and the facilities are all nice and clean. The local town is beautiful (please take the time to view the medieval wall paintings in the church). There are 2 larger supermarkets within 10 minutes drive. Just beware that the drive down is 3 x hours from Calais and there are a lot of speed cameras. Also invest in a toll card (which can be mounted in your windscreen) as we saved a fortune on tolls and the journey was a lot easier..


Thanks. Think I sorted it. Just had France in location but when I selected individual parks they seemed cheaper.


What week and what site location ?


Not been able to do this. cheapest is around £1000 for basic accommodation

4 KitKat Chunkies for £1.00 @ center parcs
Found 23rd Aug 2013Found 23rd Aug 2013
4 x Kit Kat Chunkies for £1.

I'll wager 'Silly Cow' is extremely tame compared to what Hubby called her when he found out.


A lot of people take pictures of their engagement rings and things like that, especially because most people have got phones with cameras on these days so its very normal actually


Obviously some find it amusing that this lady lost her ring at Center Parcs.....her husband put a pic of it (which just so happened to have a pack of Kitkats in the frame) on Facebook with an explanation as to what happened and as people visit Center Parcs from all around UK and indeed the world, then his hope was that it might reach whoever took it....highly unlikely but hey, when you are desperate and youve explored all obvious avenues, you'll try anything! Obviously the OP found it soooo amusing he/she had to put this post on here and call her a silly cow!


I don't understand why this has gone viral or what the joke is. Would someone care to elaborate?


If the photo is at centre parks then she still has the flipping ring on her finger - photo could be from months or years ago!

Double exec hotel room at Centreparcs Elveden for 4 nights Mon - Fri 4th or 11th £199 ( less than £50 a night)
Found 26th Jan 2013Found 26th Jan 2013
Just been looking for some offers at Centreparcs and thought I would look at the hotel rooms for a change. The price has gone down to £199 for the 4 night breaks starting Mon 4th … Read more
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Still available twins only on 4th, twin or double on 11th. Please note this is only the hotel rooms for 2 people if you search for more people it will not show you the 1 bed rooms. I cannot comment on the quality of the rooms as I have only stayed in the chalets before. The last time we went we stayed in an oldstyle executive chalet and it was quite tatty. I complained to the management as I had paid extra for what I thought would be a better chalet. They gave me £115 in vouchers to spend on restaurants and activities over the weekend. I have booked again but have booked the Newstyle lodges. If this is not in a better state of repair I will not be happy.


Cold... Would not stay in one of these flea pits again


350 for 11th Feb. all parks...cold


This is the hotel not the chalets


Found it, sleeps 2 only. No good for me