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Audi A5 Sportback Black Edition Lease - £239.99 5k miles (23m and £2400 upfront) at Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Great car, very good price. Add auto gearbox (S-Tronic) for +£10pm.

Yes you fit my stereotypical profile of an Audi driver perfectly. I doubt I would be in your rear view mirror though. Maybe on your dashcam holding you up! It's a very good deal and if I was a body builder or other type of Alpha male, I would have jumped on the deal, just not for me and the image it projects of the driver.


I too drive an Audi and don't do that. Heck, whilst I am confessing, my wife drives an SUV (Tiguan) so we pretty much fall under all your categories, but still don't drive like idiots. When my small children are a bit older, I will be buying/leasing/stealing an Audi A6 or similar and put a couple of bike racks, so we can enjoy being active. If you would be so kind, let's catch up in a couple of years, give me your number plate and if you happen to be in my rear view mirror, I will drive like an idiot (without my family in the car) just to fulfil your stereotypical driver view a bit more. Now, let's go back to what this website is all about, is this a hot deal or not?!........


Snapped one up. Nice one!


I bought a bmw which does 0-60 in 4.6 seconds for £4k had it for 3 years now and cost me around £3k so £1k a year in maintenance. It's got 4 subwoofers in it a ridiculously good dsp carver sound system. The car in parts alone is worth £10k. My point is you cannot compare second hand with brand new.if I keep my car for another year it will have cost me roughly £2k a year. I can then sell it for £4k and it will have cost me £1k a year. So a brand new Audi a5 for £4k a year is a good deal. The only reason my maintenance is so high is because the steering went on it.


I bought my A3 Sportback for 7k, not a deathtrap by any means. Sure, not as nice as an A5, but still could be worse :)

Mercedes A35 AMG 24m Lease (April/May Delivery) £9989.77 @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Initial Deposit £3600 23 months of £269.99 £180 admin fee 8k miles A35 4Matic 5dr Auto Petrol Hatchback
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Seems like the above deal went cold due to the picture. This is £700 more and has got heat.




No i bought it with a loan over 4 years at £400 a month. I am not a leasing fan but the Golf was ridiculously cheap to turn down.


I didnt say anything was wrong with it, but where is the deal or the bargin? that was my question.


You're missing lots Some people have sufficient disposable income to get such a deal AND still like a bargain. Ain't nothing wrong with that

Volvo S90 S90 Saloon 2.0 T4 Momentum 4dr Geartronic  £5203 for 18 months 8k @ Central vehicle leasing
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Contract Length 18 Months Initial Rental £3,000.00 inc VAT 17 Months @ £119.99 inc VAT per Month Annual Mileage 8,000 Maintenance POA Admin Fee £180.00 inc VAT DAB Digital radio S… Read more
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Ok sounds good to me I'll have a look at that cheere


Best advice is don't. Don't think about picking stocks and shares. Go for a low cost platform like vanguard which spreads your money over tracker funds. Who actually knows about what shares to pick unless you're the companies CEO or whatever? The guy who invented vanguard (RIP John Bogle) thought that these share picking fund manager weren't worth their piss (they aren't, they perform about as well as a monkey throwing a dart) and so created a tracker product that you can buy units of. You can split it up 50% UK,50% developing markets etc. Only requires £500 to start an account. Fully recommend.


Quite. I've got a V90. I often have to fly from Manchester airport. The multistory requires a 25 point turn to get in or out of a space.


<The value of your stocks can go up as well as down>


Don't think one would ever become "wealthy", before one bites the dust, by putting £5k into anything... (cheeky)

VW Arteon Fastback Elegance DSG - 2 year lease, £2,400 down then £149.99 p/m. Total £5,849.77 @ CVL
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
FYI - This deal has been verified by muds1970, alu355 and Lucas_0224, with 2 of them placing orders and been told delivery is April-May'19. Admin fee of £180 applies. 8,000 miles … Read more

Trailer Park Boys, best show on Netflix! And it gave Eddie the Eagle a 2nd career too. ;)


Yup. Good ol' Bubbles.


OK, a mix up. I've changed my text. BTW is your avatar the guy from Trailer Park Boys? Decent!


Those are the standard 18" wheels in the video. The ones in the OP you can't get on the UK spec Elegance.


I've added a video of the Elegance in the original Op for you. This one below has the standard Elegance alloy wheels.

VW Arteon Fastback TSI 1.5 Elegance [DSG] - £2,400 initial + £245.99 pcm + £180 admin - 15k p/a £11,436  @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
I thought this was a good deal. Initial £2,400 PCM £245.99 Admin £180 15,000 miles per annum over 36 months works out about 35% in depreciation which I’m sure you’d surpass bu… Read more

...and what do you drive for the 30 years that you're saving £114K..?


Yes I was referring to the same 8,000 mile deal. The £5k I mentioned refers to the cost of that deal. In any case enjoy.


Thanks for reply, I work from home so don't drive much and just use the underground to get into the office in London. However wife uses everyday school run, shopping etc. so will need more than 5k. The 8k deal is perfect as covers me for when I do need to attend meetings that require driving and those occasional long family trips as well, 8k p/a is what I have on my current Golf lease and we're pretty much on target for when it goes back in June. Incidentally the 8k deal has been posted here and currently over 1000 degrees, should've posted myself!


Go for the £5k deal already posted on this car.


I drive a Golf that I bought at 4 years old with 45,000 miles for £8k. I drive 15,000 miles per annum and plan to keep the car 5 years - at which point it will be worth £500. My depreciation is therefore £1,500 per annum, £125 per month. Servicing, maintenance and repairs I expect to work out at around £50 per month so all in it's costing me £175 to drive around in a Golf somewhere between 4 and 9 years old and with the risk that something major might go wrong that could easily cost another grand. Alternatively, I could drive those same 15,000 miles in a brand new Arteon. Minimal risk of any problems and know that on a 2 year deal with servicing included it will cost £330 per month. Yes, it's £155 more per month than the Golf but everyone has their own priorities and I can see why, if they can afford the repayments, some will go for the security of a lease. I don't as my car is a bit of a workhorse and is the car we take the dog out in. However, my wife only does 8,000 miles per annum and I've leased her a BMW 218 which costs £230 'all in' per month. I figured that the depreciation on a £27k car would be at least £7,200 over the first 3 years (£200 per month), maintenance £30 per month and I'm not borrowing money upon which interest is charged. Yes, I could have got a discount for cash and paid £25,000 but I'd probably get £16,000 trade in 3 years later, maybe less. It's a deals website - you shouldn't criticise a choice people make in how to spend their money but comment on whether the deal is a good one for that product and whether the product is good against its competitors (rather than one costing half or double).

Seat Arona Diesel SUV 1.6 TDI 115 SE Technology Lux - 2 year lease - £2,400 down and then £120 a month. Total £5,339.77 @ CVL
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Deal for those who like small SUV's. Deal currently includes Metallic paint. 8,000 miles per year allowance. Total price shown includes Admin fee of £180. SE Technology Lux equi… Read more

Service been done And cambelt been changed. But snapped after 18 months. I don’t blame anybody. Just saying that you loose too much if you buy new car


So you've went from a standard no money spent on car, always driven within the speed limit to a modified car with some hint of mods informed to your insurance ......... hmmm (lol) You simply won't keep up with a modern car because they are just much better. An audi q2 1.4cod petrol for example will do 0-60 in 6.5sec and top speed of 141mph. No mods, factory car.


Plenty torque and pulls like a train for a little 1.4 tdci with remap & egr delete inhaling nice fresh air......i can assure you it will stay with any new crap larger petrol car with tiny engine full of emission restrictions and i get 60 + mpg proper not exaggerated mpg figures on new unreliable cars.....bet the insides of your modern car engine look like a smokers lungs in 5 years compared to my old motor,still golden oil and no deposits given it has no egr or catalytic crap to make it self destruct eating it's own sh*t (y)


Simple things a remap & egr block and given the little extra boost it has never failed me mechanically.......also more torque and fuel economy which is above 60 mpg and of course i informed my insurers that it's been slightly tweeked up a bit erm.... (highfive)


So what happened to your previous post “This car has had nothing more than injector seals and cambelt kit over the years and passes mot every year without a fail.“ So, nothing more than injector seals and a cam belt kit....... oh and a remap.... but apart from that.... what have the Romans’ ever done for us (lol) Of course your insurers are aware (y)

Seat Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO SE Dynamic (EZ) 5dr Lease - Total Term - £4511.77 @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Seat Leon Hatchback 1.5 TSI EVO SE Dynamic (EZ) 5dr 24 month lease 8k mileage. Works out to around £189 a month. 17" Alloys, Sat nav, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Front and Rear … Read more
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This one: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/vauxhall-astra-16t-200-elite-personal-lease-24-month-deposit-1077-and-119-a-month-jet-vehicle-finance-3155836


@Zuulan Which astra deal sir?


Why bother to keep that? (lol) Go big or go home


Wasn't referring to running costs, my current car is fairly expensive on diesel unless I'm going on the motorway which is the price I pay for having a bigger engine. At some point in time you owed someone some money for your car. The same as in this deal. This is not a thread about the rights or wrong of car ownership methods.


Yea I get it's a dearer car, I wasn't comparing an I Pace to this deal. I was replying to the guy who suggested going straight to the dealership ensures you get the same price if not better. In my experience, the dealerships don't get anywhere near the independents.

BMW i8 Lease - 48 month | 8000 miles - £741.59/month + £180 admin + £6674.29 deposit @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
BMW i8 lease deal - 112k of car for pretty much on a par monthly's with a 60-70k Tesla or I-PACE. 47 monthly payments of £741.59 Deposit of £6,674.29 Admin fee of £180 All incl … Read more

More then 40k wow


Great car, and a pretty good deal.


Alright, calm down Bill Gates


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, not everybody on here is on minimum wage! There’s a reason why people with plenty of cash have so much, they’re normally tight and like a bargain! :D


As expensive as it may seem to many, judging whether a lease is a good deal is dependent on the following: - the person leading is looking for a brand new car; - the total amount payable is less than the depreciation over the lease period. As the saying goes, if something appreciates in value, buy it, if it depreciates, lease it.:{

Mini Countryman 2.0 Cooper S Sport 5dr Auto (Comfort Pack) 12+23 - £178.79 plus £180 Admin (6000 mpa) £6437.63 @ Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
They are saying the OTR is £30,180.00 so if I've done the math correctly it works out at 21.5% of the price for a 2 year lease. Seems like a great deal for 2 year lease; 3 differe… Read more

Lol it has gone hot now when the deal is long gone!


Must admit I got a bit salty this didn’t go hot!


Hateful car but great price if you really have to have one, heat added.


I tend to use 10k miles/annum, 2 year contract and upto 15% of the discounted via broker price. If using OTR then I wouldn’t consider it a deal unless it’s less than 22% Having said that, I still check what the current 2yr equivalent is being advertised for on autotrader


The general rule for working out a percentage is you base it on 8k miles. Will still be under 25% so beating depreciation

Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr 23x Monthly Rental: £59.99 pm £2400 + deposit £3840 + £180 Admin Fee @ CVL
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
Just received this email. Not bad for a 2 yr lease considering depreciation. Not my type of car but may help others (y) Skoda Octavia 115ps SE TECH Hatch 2 Years 8,000 Miles per… Read more

Industry Fair Wear & Tear booklet here for those interested in leasing.


I rang CVL last week to ask about delivery dates and was told they had a cancelled order, did I want to accept it immediately. I said yes and I took delivery of it on Wednesday and I'm very happy with it. It might only be a I've litre but it's perfectly acceptable and very well equipped.


We don't need to change until March so timing not a big deal for us, however we got the impression from the dealer that if we wanted it sooner then that shouldn't be a problem and their was no suggestion that they were difficult to source whereas brokers probably have very limited allocation as they aren't the actual dealership etc


Did you get a time frame?


Go to your local Skoda dealer and ask them to do a PCH quote. When we spoke to our local dealer they are approx £10pm more, but no setup fees. Dealer advised no flexibility beyond what the Skoda PCH quote as they get a fixed fee from Skoda. No problems with availability according to our dealer.

Volvo S90 Saloon T4 Momentum 4dr 7000 miles per yr initial rental - £2500 £69.99 p/m(+vat) - £4511.78 (inc vat) central vehicle Leasing deal
Found 5th Oct 2018Found 5th Oct 2018
I just received this email. Volvo S90 Saloon T4 Momentum 4dr GearTronic 18 Month Term 7000 Miles Per Annum INITIAL Rental =£2500.00 + vat 17 x Monthly rental: £69.99 + VAT … Read more

Yes, people renew their leasing at the end of term, go to another contract and, overall, they end up paying for life as much as a mortgage for a house, getting just a mediocre driving experience and the satisfaction to claim a parking space in front of the landlord house. I mean, and excuse my English, where's the explorer behaviour and the feeling of property that once made Britain to be great?


I agree and think the Instagram/ living with Joneses culture pushes people into committing financial suicide. Not only you pay monthly, you don’t have full freedom to drive your car as much as you like. You most likely have to service your car at the dealers at full price and you pay for scuffs, wheel refurb etc once you hand your back. Because you’ve been showering all that money away chances are that you can’t afford to buy a car out right and you get a tiger lease car. Brilliant business plan by the car manufactures keeping people in work ! Suppose it gives me more choice when buying a used car lol.


what like Hondas - one of the most reliable makes there is?


No. You will not believe, my English was fine before years of practice with some natives. Beside my language, maybe you agree that it's such a foolish thing to pay ££££ to the 🦈 just to fill up a parking place.


Incorrect but good try (amongst the broken English).

Skoda Octavia Hatchback Lease £187.99 per month total / £4511.77 term at  Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
Skoda Octavia Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Technology 5dr Central vehicle Leasing £2400 initial £83.99 a month. £180 processing. 8k miles £4511.77 over the whole term £187.99 a month. If … Read more
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Thank you :) - I got lucky with my current car on the same type of deal. After this though, I won't have to pay for the wifes car and then I can start looking at VRS or Golf R's ;)


Stock seats (not heated) and headlights, don't think they're Xenons. Seats were a bit firm but have softened up a bit over time - I guess you could spec better ones if you wanted to take the monthly hit.


It's only for a short term, any further I'd stay down in the week. It was a tough decision going from a 7 Mike commute to this, but paying off already :)


If it suits you then fair play but it would be a sad world if this was considered "normal".


Those are safety recalls. But no manufacturer is liable for engine issues after six years old due to longlife oil regimes applied at the time.

3 yr Loaded Mercedes GLC250d AMG-Line Premium Lease - £1,274 deposit £424 per month (OTR RRP £44,355).  Road tax included (£450 per year) 8k m.p.a.
Found 4th Jun 2018Found 4th Jun 2018
3 yr Loaded Mercedes GLC250d AMG-Line Premium Lease - £1,274 deposit £424 per month (OTR RRP £44,355). Road tax included (£450 per year) 8k m.p.a.
Central UK Vehicle Leasing are offering the Mercedes GLC 250d AMG-Line with Premium pack for £424 per month with a small deposit of £1,274. Larger deposits bring down the monthlie… Read more

Gutted. There were some ok deals on the petrol 250 Amg Line a few weeks ago.


I'm looking for one of these now. And I can't find a descent deal :s


Did anyone else get one? It’s an amazing piece of machinery. 8)


If someone chooses to drive a kia, then great, if someone prefers to spend their money on a merc (which they earned) then that's great too, if someone wants to spend their money smoking 20 fags a day and blow 300 quid into the air, then that's their choice too....personally my choice is the merc but that's my choice, doesn't make anybody wrong.


Yeah, it was a really cheap deal to clear stock.

Audi A4 Saloon Special Editions 1.4T FSI Black Edition 4dr personal lease: £2400 initial payment, £171.99 a month for 24 months
Found 23rd May 2018Found 23rd May 2018
Audi A4 Saloon Special Editions 1.4T FSI Black Edition 4dr personal lease: £2400 initial payment, £171.99 a month for 24 months
Looking for a brand new Audi A4? This deal from CentralUKvehicleleasing is worth checking out: Price for personal contract hire: Contract Length - 24 Months Initial Rental … Read more
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Direct from Audi dealers mate. To be fair that was a week or so ago. Some are "trickling though" apparently


where have all the deals gone I'm getting desperate now


Where did you get that information from. I ordered mine from audi directly and ordered on 16th april and i tracked it through the build. Build date 21st may and build completed 25th. Its currently on a ship to uk. I dont think 8wk for a new factory build is actually that bad.


Yeah, I wasn't sure if it would be something like that. Gap is only <£200 max so wouldn't be the biggest concern anyway I guess. Thanks for the info.


16 week lead time on the 1.4 engine by the way

Cheap 18 volvo v40 lease at Central Vehicle Leasing
Found 25th Apr 2018Found 25th Apr 2018
Cheap 18 volvo v40 lease at Central Vehicle Leasing
7k per annum T2 momentum In stock Under 4k total including admin fees Contract Length 18 Months Initial Rental £2,400.00 inc VAT 17 Months @ £82.79 inc VAT per Month Annual Mil… Read more

I wouldnt. Try riding your bike to Edinburgh at 70mph and give us a comparison then (y)


Again, is it a good lease deal? Your model will always be cheaper but that's irrelevant when you consider the post. I have a bike, it's cheaper than a car, but I wouldn't measure it against this deal


Im proving a point that it is a rip off and how much profit they are making out of you thats all, but if you have money to burn go for it.


Surely this isn't about your preference, but if the deal is a good one. As it's clear your not interested in lease deals, stay away from them. I'm not interested in deals for bras, beans, bookmarks or a myriad of other things. I dont comment on them as it's a waste of my time, my effort and it detracts from the key point. Hot Deal or not


You stick to autotrader....you'll need another motor when your bargain buy packs up (y)

Honda Civic Lease deal £89+ Vat(106.80 inc)  for 5k miles, £109+ Vat (130.80 inc) for 10k, £129 + Vat (154.8) for 15k, £149 + Vat (178.8) for 20k Miles. £1000 + Vat initial payment including documentation fees)
Found 19th Nov 2014Found 19th Nov 2014
Honda Civic Lease deal £89+ Vat(106.80 inc) for 5k miles, £109+ Vat (130.80 inc) for 10k, £129 + Vat (154.8) for 15k, £149 + Vat (178.8) for 20k Miles. £1000 + Vat initial payment including documentation fees)
One of the best lease deals I've seen yet in my constant hunt! This Civic is £89 plus vat for 5000 miles. Add another £20 per month for each 5000 extra miles you do per year! Very… Read more

I know it doesn't have a DPF and also there is no light. Oh and my other car redlines at 9k and is DOHC. (nice username by the way)


How rude. And do you know who Laura Palmer is? Lol


you posted it. thanks. so let the members decide who needs it. Don't sell it. ok.[/quote] Although I might be talking out of turn here - are you admin? If not, let the members discuss the deals, don't dictate. ok.


Highly appropriate name


I think this deal is BRILLIANT. I quite fancy the SLK.

VOLKSWAGEN UP 1.0 Take Up 3dr - 35 months at £59.99 + £960 Initial payment, Total £3239.39 - Equivalent to £90 a month at Central UK Vehicle Leasing
Found 14th Nov 2014Found 14th Nov 2014
VOLKSWAGEN UP 1.0 Take Up 3dr - 35 months at £59.99 + £960 Initial payment, Total £3239.39 - Equivalent to £90 a month at Central UK Vehicle Leasing
You read it right, a brand new VW car for three years for only £90 a month. Amazing deal! Retail on this model is over £8k. Cost breakdown Initial Payment of £960 35 payments of £… Read more
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This site is about saving money??? Here's how!Look for a jap made Toyota Yaris (not french rebadge) 1.0 vvti pre 2000.These cars are statistically the best used mot pass vehicles out there. They are phenomenal vehicles. Both my wife and I own one. There are some recorded 300,000 milers still running on a 1.0 with diesel performance. Good ones are worth their weight in gold. Don't believe me....ask honest john. He raves about them:-)


Wise up buy a motorcycle and live your dreams.dreams. Lifes too short for under performing tin boxes.


No, not at all, the cars looked perfectly fine to me. The inspector just wrote out mega reports detailing every little mark etc and just seemed like they expected the cars back looking like new. Also they didn't have a choice of where to get the required work done, they just had to pay the billoO


For just 3p a day you can prolong the life of your dying car. Thats all it costs for a diy oil and filter change on an old car. Not changing the oil is disrespectful to the car for what it gives you back.

Audi S5 Quattro Black 2 year lease, Central UK Vehicle Leasing, £395.99 per month (incl. VAT), total £12851.62
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
This is only a deal if a) you are interested in leasing, and b) you are interested in a car such as an Audi S5 I acknowledge that if you don't answer yes to a and b you may not con… Read more



I prefer the sound of the 4.2 Out of the 8000 miles per year, about 200 of that would be wheel spin :)


I like the S3 but my girlfriend is getting a golf R so was looking for something a little more further removed.


voted hot - this is a cracking deal for this car


I used to have an S3 Sportback but would love an S5 as feel its less boy racer. Would have one with DSG though.

MINI HATCHBACK 1.5 Diesel Cooper 5dr + Chili & Media Pack XL - £191.99 p.m. inc VAT  £6323.62 over 2 years @ Centralvehicle leasing
Found 12th Nov 2014Found 12th Nov 2014
MINI HATCHBACK 1.5 Diesel Cooper 5dr + Chili & Media Pack XL - £191.99 p.m. inc VAT £6323.62 over 2 years @ Centralvehicle leasing
Great deal for a lease. £1,728 deposit + £180 fee. The 5 door model only became available in October of this year! With deposit and fee works this out at £6,323.62 over two years.… Read more
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There are deals on prestige vehicle leasing for around this amount that pop up on here. This just isn't worth it.


I love lease deals but this is one hideous car, 5 doors on a mini just doesn't look right


£263.46 per month if you add the deposit and fee, 6323.62 divided by 24 months = £263.46


It might be more than some people can afford but it's still at least £4K cheaper than from the MINI dealer....