Centre Parc Holidays w/c 16/04/12 - From £299 @ Elvedon Forest

Centre Parc Holidays w/c 16/04/12 - From £299 @ Elvedon Forest

Found 7th Dec 2010
I know this deal has a limited audience, but for those who's kids are off on holidays at this time (Check your local authority website) it's unbeatable deal. Generally the holiday weeks go for around £950. As a result, we can only afford to go when we book early enough and the school holidays in different areas are on different dates. In Cardiff (and many other areas too I guess) the kids are off for the two weeks until the 23rd April 2012, so I've just booked.

You only need to pay a deposit of around £100 and the rest a few weeks before you go.

Hope this helps someone grab a cheap holiday.


Link doesn't work btw.

Center parcs is a rip off. Find a nice lodge on hoseasons instead for 1/3 of the price and 3x as nice.

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Short break or whole week?

Starts on monday so I would say short break Mon-Fri.


Short break or whole week?

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This is for 5 days, Monday to Friday.

I know people on here hate CP, and I did wonder if it was worth even posting, but if even one person gets some use, then it's been worth it. My kids (and me and the wife actually) love the place. I know it's a rip off at normal prices, but at £299 is well worth it in my opinion.

I know the link doesn't work, its a problem with HUKD at the moment, but thanks for pointing it out. EDIT: Working now - thanks Mods


Short break or whole week?

Looks like a midweek 4-day break. Great value if your kids are off that week - unfortunately mine are not

Hot from me!

Just come back and have to say, this is what we paid and we were placed right at the back, half hr walk from the dome.

OMG I have just realised this is for 2012 not next year lol, it's a long wait, we have also just come back from a weekend (winter wonderland) took me half hour to find the lodge after parking the car lol we only go for the swimmimg experiance, now that is fantastic!
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Nice but for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

In Cardiff kids off till 26th April 2012! Wow long holiday!

Had be had even cheaper at other CP sites for the same week

Whinfell Forest from £279

total rip off and english crap weather avoid like crazy

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........... and english crap weather avoid like crazy

I guess all British hotel/holiday/days out deals should be voted cold by that reasoning then..lol...thanks for your valuable comments.

lol lol lol

Thanks OP
we too, as a family like CP holidays,which can be as cheap or expensive as you make them!!
being far from the centre isn't a problem as we bring / hire bikes ;-)

we took advantage of different school holiday dates @ Easter this year paid £349 for a 3 bed plus @ Elveden

hmmmm have checked dates for this,and here ( Bridgend) we go back to school on that Mon 16th April
break up Fri March 30th with Good Friday being April 4th
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We don't have school dates for 2012 yet!!!!!
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