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Sony WH-1000MX2 refurbished headphones £179.99 @ Centres Direct
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Back in stock, in both colours. Grade A refurbished. If you ring the store after purchase an additional 2 years warranty (3 years in total) is £5.99.
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Beware. It's recommended to use charging cable that's provided, and don't use fast charging ports. Anyway, mine somehow stopped charging and had to send it back. Beautiful piece of headphones when it comes to sound, but can be squeaky, even my new M3 are noisy when flexing slightly. 2/5 stars for quality control and 5/5 for comfort and sound. Good price.


Yes. I had the MK2 and they were awesome (and already better than Bose). But the MK3 are MUCH better. Better NC and comfort.


Great noise cancellation, 30hrs battery life. Sony did an amazing job. I hope they’ll last long as I’m very happy with them.


If I’m not travelling much. Is/are there alternatives without ANC which perform better. Perhaps the ANC is just a bonus? That’s the impression I get reading the reviews. Thanks


Is there a huge difference between these and the new MK3 ones apart from being half the price?

UPDATE Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black & Gold at time of post! Refurbished £74 @ Sony Centres Direct
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Just got a pair of the award winning WF-1000X wireless earphones at silly money! They were in the sale in Curry's at £129 on sunday, did not get them, as they only had black, Sony … Read more
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DPD and yes, supplied by retailer upon dispatch.


What courier delivered them and did you have a tracking number?


What courier delivered them and did you have a tracking number?


What courier delivered them and did you have a tracking number?


What courier delivered them and did you have a tracking number?

Sony WH-H800 h.ear Series Wireless On-Ear High Resolution Headphones with 24 Hours Battery Life - Gold - Refurbished £64 @ SonyCentresDirect
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Grade A, so like new! Had a few bits from Sony direct, when they do actually reduce the price a lot, this is one of them! In gold which in the real world, looks the part! Sony … Read more

deal ended


Got for over ear version, absolutely fantastic 👌


The fabled Golden Goose has been caught for once! (popcorn)


The reason why they were so cheap is because 'Currys/ PC' world put these in there clearance section because were down to about there last 3 pairs in there company in this colour in the whole of the UK, I live in HAMPSHIRE and the only store I could find with limited stock was close to Tenby in Wales!!!, and just by chance my mother was there on holiday, so bless her cotton socks, she went on a Goose chase and went and collected them for me. (embarrassed)


Thanks for doing that pal, I couldn't find the link at the time. (y)

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished £179 @ Centres Direct
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished Headband style High-Resolution Audio headphones with industry-leading noise cancellation and Smart Listening by Smart Auto-settings. Headband style wire… Read more
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Ah yes, shame. Maybe wait for a bit longer and get the xm3s at the airport next time I fly. Though the guy in Dixon's at Heathrow t5 said they had no stock the other day...


Goes to payment and says not in stock


No, it lets u add to basket at check out delivery method - says not available for free delivery


Refurbished my ar5e! Dumping end of line stock more like. At least, that's what I'd hope. My issue is: these or the xm3s for £299 at Dixon's duty free?


Seems to be in stock at present

Sony SRS-XB40 Refurbished Portable Wireless Speaker £74 - Centres Direct
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Found this at the sony official re seller site. Usually retails for £120, £75 for a grade refurbished model does not seem too bad. There are three colour to choose from as well as … Read more
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I own two XB40's and can't say they've ever distorted at max volume(connected to an ipad and various android phones) even with the sony music app's bass and treble pushed to full they get near to full volume before the sound starts to break up, eg; since they don't have tweeters the bass can interfere with the mids and highs but that is more with bass heavy material. On a side note there are allot more out the box revealing speakers out there, but with some careful equalisation the sony's put out a decent sound and go very loud for a wireless battery powered speaker, I put them up against JBL extreme, UE Mega Boom and so on but after some messing around with them found the XB40's to be more beastly for my needs, lol don't buy the sony's if you're into refinement I say.


I heard a live a comparison between the two myself. though I can see where you coming from, I just found the 20 to sound a bit more 'tinny'. I quite enjoyed the xb-40 but you can't go wrong with the xb-20 Unless you are talking about a refurbished tv from centre direct, I would not really recommend buying the xb-40 for tv purposes. It was never intended for that, so sound represenetation will not be as accurate or apporiapte for films or tv shows.


The XB20 is better than the 40, I use mine as a Music Speaker in the Kitchen as it is so loud and clear. The XB40 I got rid of because it has distortion at high volumes and I think the 20 just was a lot better to listen to. I'd definitely buy the 20 and again it can easily fill a medium size room, I was surprised..... but I wouldn't use it as a TV speaker... you can as it's way better than any built in TV speaker, but I dunno, I guess for £40 quid you cannot go wrong.


What about for a TV ?


I have the xb20, sound quality is excellent, this range has a separate sub at the back, decent bass to, and water proof, build quality is amazing really solid device, also supports LDAC. I have brought speakers and soundbars from Sony refurbished, they are like new can't tell the difference and come with full warranty.

Refurbished Sony KD-49XE8396 4K HDR TV with TRILUMINOS™ Display and 4K X-Reality™ PRO £449 @ Centres Direct
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Step into 4K HDR and enjoy brilliant colours that come to life on a TRILUMINOS™ Display. KD49XE8396BU.A Refurbished: KD49XE8396BU.A Wide colour gamut with TRILUMINOS Display E… Read more

If it's a 'new' but stock clearence of 'opened boxes' (common to open a box so it can be sold as refurb)) then it's a good deal :)


Ordered and came like new, £449 from £699 seems good deal!


Not a great deal, especially on a refurb. Sorry

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Sony KD-55XD9305 Refurbished - £699 @ Centres Direct
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
KD55XD9305BU.A Refurbished models are products returned to Sony under the following circumstances: change of mind, faulty out of box, box damage or minor cosmetic imperfections. T… Read more
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It could be worth a punt. If it works out of the box it will probably be a good set. There is a chance however that the repair will not have sorted the issue so be prepared to return it if you have any doubts. Still, hot at the price


Same price at the Sony Centre.


I wouldn't touch a refurb led with a barge pole. New Led tvs have enough enough issues with light bleed, uneven light dispersal, clouding etc without adding issues. You can't refurb the panel. So if that is why it was refurbed it will still be crap. Steer clear. Cold.


You're less likely to get these issues with a refurb set to be honest


Fair point, my bad.

Sony HT-XT2 Refurbished 2.1ch TV Base Speaker @ Sony Centres Direct £69 Delivered.
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
I know its a refurb and its an old model but thought this was a good price. New ones are over £170. Bought my last soundbar from them, it was refurbished and looked like new. Comes… Read more

Just arrived...box is huge....maybe I should have checked the dimensions!!!


Got mine yesterday, like new except for a small scuff on the bottom corner where presumably dropped from a low height onto the corner. Super happy with the ARC Functionality and Spotify Connect, a perfect addition to home media setup. Sounds great!


"Support" for ARC in that sense means it that it can be implemented - not that it's standard across all HDMI 2.0 ports. ARC functionality still needs to be implemented by the display manufacturer, and is almost always only available on one specific HDMI port as a result. There are plenty of TVs now with four HDMI 2.0 ports, yet ARC is only available on one of them (LG OLEDs have ARC on HDMI port 2 for example). This can be even more annoying on some other models, like current high end Sony TVs using the X1 Extreme chipset, which only have two HDMI 2.0 ports (plus two 1.4 ones), but also designate one of those two 4K/60-capable ports as the ARC port. That means you're only left with a single HDMI 2.0 port for other devices should you want to use ARC. You can buy a HDMI switching device of course, but that's far from ideal.


Nice! Postponed my delivery until tomorrow to when the wife will be in... glad it’s in as new condition... I’m nervous that mine will have scuffs!


That's what I thought about monitors, but noted hdmi 2.0 has to support arc as per specs. Only prior spec hdmi arc was optional. I was using mini dp or hdmi to connect to the monitor, it's a shame the monitor does not have optical out.

Buy any Sony XF9005 TV and get a 5 year Sony Guarantee and £400 worth of Sony Centre Vouchers FREE
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Sony Centres are doing a great deal at the moment offering £400 worth of vouchers when you buy an XF series TV Updat 7/6/18 With their offer price matching - PRC Direct are doing… Read more
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Co-Op doing £100 off using code https://electrical.coop.co.uk/Sony-KD49XF9005BU-49-4K-HDR-Smart-LED-TV-SON-LED-KD49XF9005BU-BK?source=PRICER&utm_source=pricerunner&utm_medium=agg-feed


Looks like the hughes offer ended. Any new offers we can price match against?


Thanks for that. Not sure that's a great deal though for a refurb.


Just found one on RS - https://www.richersounds.com/clearance-bargains/online/sony-kd65xe9305-1.html


I swear there was one yesterday! I can only find the below now 65" XE9005 - http://centresdirect.co.uk/p-30383-sony-kd-65xe9005-kd65xe9005bua.aspx

SONY CENTRE: Referbished Products
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
"This site offers many Sony PRODUCTS refurbished from Sony Centre. You can save a good amount off a new TV, Sound Bar, camera and many other things. I have brought a few sony pro… Read more
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The ht-790 soundbar brand new is only £30 more with Currys. May just play it safe with them.




I have a pioneer vsx-1131 which is excellent and i used it with 5.1.2 Atmos but decided to upgrade to Marantz sr6012 as I want to make it 5.1.4 with my 500watt sub and make it future proof with hlg and Dolby Vision. I'm also slowly increasing my atmos blu-ray/4k collection


A bit special, this.


I was toying with buying that receiver the other day. Thing is I don't have atmos speakers, I just have 5.1, not 7.2... And I dont live in a mansion. So Im stuck wondering what difference that amp will give me vs a £180 Pioneer one. Noting I already have multiple smart sources so the streaming element isnt needee.

Sony WH-H900N Refurbished Over-ear, BLUETOOTH, Noise Cancelling headphones at Sony Centre £129 delivered
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Seem to be a decent price compared to everywhere else if you don't mind refurbished. Other colors available too at the time of this post. + Free delivery
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I got these for £99 recently on the amazon treasure truck - I love them!


I have a Brand New pair for sale for £150 if any one is interested.


Thanks for this post OP. I’ve not purchased these YET but a surround sound speaker. I’ve saved £100 using this refurbished malarkey at Centres Direct. Might as well get these with the money saved. Desperate for some wireless cans.


Hit or miss


What are Sony refurbs like? Don’t like the idea of used headphones.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished Headphones @ Sony Centre for £179
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Up again. Just bought one. Call them if you can't find it on the website. 01228542824
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Back in stock. Mods might want to change the deal URL to: chttps://centresdirect.co.uk/p-23666-sony-wh-1000xm2-wh1000xm2bce7a.aspx# aaaaaaaand they're gone again.


Just ordered a pair. Hope they work 😁


These are now back in stock.


Cheers just rang them and 1st bloke said they didnt have any, then said hold on, another bloke came on and said they did and then was trying to sell me extended warranty , then said postage was an extra £10, so £189.99 with special delivery, still better than ebay used as they have a 12m warranty and are cheaper. Thanks. (highfive)


I'm not sure if you're still after a pair, but if you are my best advice is not to worry about alerts here at all. Just check the Refurbished Audio section on the Sony Centre website 3-4 times a day. It's the only real way to get one - you have to luck out and catch it, which you'll have more success doing when looking yourself rather than waiting for someone to flag it up here. They seem to get at least a few pairs in every week or every other week, so if you check a few times daily you'll most likely get lucky and snag one.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished Headband £179 Centres Direct
Found 27th AprFound 27th Apr
Been looking for a pair of these at decent price, I know these are refurbished, but still a very good deal IMHO.

Just bought a pair of these. Anyone still interested, ring up the Carlisle store and they can take your details and call you when the headphones are next in stock. I did this last Friday, they called me just now and I've just sent £197 for a "perfect condition" set of these headphones with 5 year warranty! Over the moon.


I also received mine yesterday. I called Sony this morning to register the warranty. I received an email shortly after confirming the headphones are now under warranty till 2023.


A few questions if you don't mind....what condition are they in? do they look used? did they come in original box with all accessories included? Thank you


Received mine yesterday


I just got an email from sony. Mine have been dispatched and will be delivered on monday by dpd. :D I really like my 1000x's, although I have gone through two pairs the first were affected by the cracking fault and the second has a air/hissing noise when noise cancellation is on.

Refurbished Sony WF-1000x True Wireless Headphones £94 @ Centers direct
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
£25 cheaper than the last time they were posted and £75 cheaper than the cheapest new price. I took a chance despite the technical issues and am glad I did. Really great sound and… Read more
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Got mine from this deal today. Same issues. Not only that, but if i paused a podcast for about 5 minutes then played it again, the noise cancelling would still be active but no sound playing. Might have been unlucky with these refurbished units, but not sure the tech is fully here just yet. Trying to decide on an alternative now, might go non truly wireless.


I think it has AptX HD. And you can connect multiple devices to same connection. My LG V30 has bluetooth 5 and aptx hd.


Yep and July is correct. Still valid to share info as I'm not trying to take away anything from this offer.


Does Bluetooth 5.0 have AptX as standard?


Is the new model WF-SP700N ? They aren't due out until July.

Sony MDR-1000X Refurbished £169 @ Sony Centre
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Black - centresdirect.co.uk/p-20433-sony-mdr-1000x-mdr1000xbce7a.aspx Gold- centresdirect.co.uk/p-20434-sony-mdr-1000x-mdr1000xcce7a.aspx Sony MDR-1000X Refurbished Headband … Read more

Cold. They sell the XM2's for not much more, when they have stock. That's where I got mine.


never seen them at £179 though checking the site a lot.


Amazon have them new for £11 more (£179.99) but only for prime members https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B01LD5GO64/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new


Wonder if they ever fixed the weak headband when “refurbished”.


From the Sony centre, keep checking refurbs come in but go really quickly

Sony WH-1000XM2 - (Sony Refurb) - £179.99 @ Centres Direct
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Finally grabbed a pair after missing out several times. Great price, dependent on your perspective of course.

Incredible price, for the best NC headphones on the market - at any price!


On paper, many of the android phones have higher specs than the latest or 2-3 year old iphones. We use ears not eyes to compare. Fom my own experience, they are different leagues. Sony is much better in sound quality (beat Bose too) and ANC..


Just bought a pair thanks


The 2's (( all 4 sets! )) went within minutes, the 1's are £169 not £179, all grade A, in black and fawn, again will go soon (y)


They were definitely WH1000XM2. Can post receipt if in doubt The MDR1000X are pretty much always available for £169 on the Refurb page.The WH1000XM2 have appeared on this site at least 3 times (but strangely don't show up in a search) as i have been trying to buy them at this price (£179) for sometime now. I did clearly put your mileage may vary on whether you think £179 for refurb 1000XM2's a bargain.

Sony KD-43XE8004 £399 @ Centres direct
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Just bought one of these, guy in the shop showed me as i was looking for a new tv, Bargain price.

Flickflack I think you may well have sorted my issue. No drops for over an hour. Much obliged. I get my fix on a shopping website not the tech forums. Typical. Many thanks. EDIT Didnt fix it. Cheers anyway.


All gone now.


Thanks for the tip. I have however already disabled WiFi and disconnected the lan. I will reconnect LAN and set a static IP address right now. The weird thing is, the actual Sony tv is fine, but it causes drop outs on the other 2 in my set up. When I remove the Sony tvs HDMI cable from the splitter, the drop outs stop. One tv is 2 metres away the other 15. Cable length not an issue. Even if I remove power cable from Sony, but leave the HDMI connected, it STILL causes dropouts. Sorry to derail thread. I had a TV from centres direct, it was bent.


I have 2 refurbished Sony TV's from centRes direct never had a problem also have 2 bought new 3 using Android TV never had droputs could be network address that causing issues set the Sony to a static IP address and check nothing else is using that address


I am battling with a Sony 50" Android TV causing drop outs to other tvs in my set up. Every other option exhausted. Every setting tweaked every feature disabled every cable and splitter renewed.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished - £179 @ Sony Centre
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Bargain of the century. Gutted I did not wait to get it at this price.

Harvesting details for analytics. It’s a big thing these days


What a stupid site, let’s you enter details before confirming not available.


Just keep checking the site every few days (or as frequently as you want) and they will come back in stock. I managed to get a pair just before xmas.


They may still be available. They use your details to see if your local sony centre has them in stock.


Nah definitely gone, message comes up when you select delivery after putting in your address etc