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REFURB: Sony WH-1000XM3 from Sony Centres - £179
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Official Sony 1000XM3 refurbished headphones. Cracking deal but likely very limited quantities. Come with 1 year warranty. This is less than the price of new or refurb M2 headp… Read more

Not sure if posting them on here is a good idea. I suspect the vultures that frequent these halls to turn a quick buck raid the Sony warehouse as soon as they are alerted. I ordered a set before posting here. They were in stock for a while before I posted. As soon as I posted here, they went within seconds (skeptical)


I tried to buy them but it let me go all the way through and then said out of stock.


Must have missed it. Been removed from the site now.


Back in stock


Looks like they just had another pair but gone, price was £189 though. Maybe they're starting to put price up because of demand.

Refurb Sony WH-1000XM2 WH1000XM2 in black £139 @ Centres direct
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Be quick might not last long.
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Bagged one, thanks..



The gold matches your hot pants yeah?


Fair enough. It wasn't a complete loss, like the other commenter in this thread I managed to grab some for 156. Had to settle for gold, but I'll lean into the colour eventually! Just blown away by the NC being so good without sacrificing any sound quality. Need to see if I can try the LDAC Hi-Def stuff on it at some point.


No I'd received them by then (excited)

Refurb Sony WH-1000XM3 WH1000XM3 only in silver £179 @ Centres direct
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
These were posted a few weeks ago but went OOS very quickly. They're back again although black are listed they are already OOS but silver is still available. I've just purchased a … Read more

I think there's often only one or two refurbished pairs available. I bought some h900s the other week and they immediately disappeared from the site so must have been the only pair.


Looks like the silver have now gone OOS stock too. What I've been doing over the last couple of weeks is refreshing this page https://centresdirect.co.uk/cssearch.aspx?searchterm=xm3#pgnum=1&sort=lowhigh and checking to see if it lists more than the standard 2 items. Also something I've noticed the last time this came up was on a Tuesday, might be co-incidence, but worth thinking about in future?


Well that went oos pretty quickly. Cant believe they're selling the xm3 refurb for £179 already!


Sold out


OOS now Couldn't see the black ones there

Sony WH-1000XM2 High-Resolution Audio headphones £199.99 @ Centres Direct
Found 23rd NovFound 23rd Nov
1000XM2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Digital Noise Cancelling technology High quality wireless audio with BLUETOOTH® and LDAC technology Smart listening experience by … Read more

Good deal! OOS everywhere else unless you live near some most remote stores in the country


(y) (y) (y)


I didn't vote


Don't vote cold then.


John Lewis, Currys etc prob best to buy from jl with 2 year warranty.

Sony 49XF9005 Refurbished 49" 4K UHD HDR TV - £629 @ Centres Direct
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Great price for this TV, refurbished model for those that don't mind.
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The 9005 is a native 100hz panel which also does Dolby Vision.


This was for the 9005 though these go for around £1000 BN


The 49" 8004 & 8005 models were only £329 a couple of weeks ago. This seems quite pricey by comparison


Must've only been 1 available (embarrassed)

Sony WH1000XM3 wireless noise cancelling headphones (refurbished) £179 @ Sony Centre
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Not the WH1000XM2s! Surprised there are already refurbished units out there.
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Arrived yesterday evening via DPD so excellent service from Sony. Contents were all present and correct and packaged as new and the headphones themselves showed no signs of previous use. Only gripe is the terrible refurbished product stickers plastered over the outer box which leave a sticky residue. Sony could really learn a lesson in refurbished packaging from Apple but then I guess Apple don't offer such a generous discount on recently released products. Overall I'm impressed with the XM3's, it's remarkable how comfortable they are and whilst they don't quite match the detail and soundstage of my wired Fidelio headphones it's a really engaging sound and works nicely at low volumes, something that many headphones struggle with. Noise cancelling is perfect and works well without an input for just peacing out. (y) There seem to be issues with the microphone on early models so perhaps this is the reason for the return. I'm not planning on using it for calls though so no need to test.


People who have more sense, but ordered them anyway? ..... slight contradiction there? Someone elses grubby mitts and sweat may have been on them, Not for me but i can see it would appeal to some, never disputed that. it's a personal choice of course, and just my own opinion.


Just spoke to someone on chat, they have said that there is none in stock and they will be removed from the website shortly. It was also an online only offer


100% OOS should be expired


Why has this post been taken back off of expired?

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Sony KD-65A1 Refurbished OLED 4K HDR TV with 4K HDR Processor X1™ Extreme - Refurbished £1649 @ Centres Direct
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Very cheap if you fancy Refurbished TV See incredible contrast with an OLED 4K HDR screen with an ultra-narrow frame, Acoustic Surface™ technology and Android TV. KD65A1BU.A Ref… Read more

Ive had a refurbished Sony 55 now for 3 yrs £600 12 months warranty and so far so good, no problems but it was from Sony.. Wouldnt stop me considering another refurb, seems like you got a good deal to me..


Good move mate!! Hope it is as good as new!!


Dropped them a line and was offered 5 years for £80, so going to take it. It's a Grade A refurb, so good chance it's literally been a change of mind, fingers crossed!


Refurbished OLED, yikes


I definitely recommend that you do!

Sony KD-49XE8004 Refurbished Smart 4K HDR Android TV with TRILUMINOS™ Display and 4K X-Reality™ PRO at Centres Direct for £329
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Way too many features and functions for me to list if I am honest. Click on this link to see all the specifications in full detail to do it justice:- https://centresdirect.co.uk… Read more
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My good deed for the day 8)


Think we got last one :) It said it was sold out but Mrs had added 2 instead of one :o Got one anyway thanks OP our TV went pop last week but using spare till a good deal like this came up


I bought this exact model TV from Argos for £429 in January. Overall the TV is fine but takes a lot of fiddling to get it to be 'fine' and there are some aspects I hate. I can't remember the name of the program that takes over your whole regular TV channels aspect of the TV, maybe YouView? It happens if you try to use any catch up TV apps like BBC or All4. It means that it can take more than a minute to switch to free-to-air channels, and the guide is soooooo slow. If you manage to disable it and stop using the apps, the regular channel browser built in to the TV is fine. The remote is very slow to respond and usually has to be pointed directly at the receiver, sometimes even pointing towards the top of the TV gets no reception. Some remote actions take over 10 seconds to process. My personal peeve is that subtitles light up the entire screen with flashes as each sentence appears, particularly noticeable in dark scenes of TV shows or movies. It activates the whole back-light it seems just to display a few white coloured words, doesn't just destroy the atmosphere but is super distracting. Of course, a single light dot in a dark scene also causes the same effect as if all blacks suddenly turned to greys, like a star in a space scene might cause it. Not super impressed despite the good deal we got.


Sold out then, I saw this yesterday, plus they would only have a few in stock


Just tried to purchase, but at the checkout it says "There is no longer stock available for one or more of your products. KD49XE8004BU.A - quantity requested is no longer available.". Same for the other reduced model. Oh, well...

Sony KD-49XE8005 Refurbished 4K HDR Smart Android TV with TRILUMINOS™ Display and 4K X-Reality™ PRO at Centres Direct for £329
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Way too many features and functions for me to list if I am honest. Click on this link to see all the specifications in full detail to do it justice:- https://centresdirect.co.uk… Read more

Just tried to purchase, but at the checkout it says "There is no longer stock available for one or more of your products. KD49XE8005BU.A - quantity requested is no longer available.". Same for the other reduced model. Oh, well...


I'm no tv expert but i've had this set for around a year now. Managed to get one this time last year for just under £400 at Argos. You get a lot of tv for the money and has lots of features, ie: YouView, Android, etc. A couple of cons worth pointing out: - If you enable YouView the ability to record/pause is disabled - Menu is a little slow - On the odd occasion i've had to power the tv off and back on again as it stops responding


The KD-49XE8004 has a MotionFlow of 100HZ (Native 50HZ) and the KD-49XE8005 has MotionFlow of 200HZ (Native 50HZ).

Sony Centres Direct good bargains on Bluetooth speakers and headphones
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
Good prices on the SRS-XB40, XB30, ZR7, MHC-V41D speakers, H700 Bluetooth headphones etc. Refurb stock but usually looks just as good as new and 12 month warranty

item may look good but if you need to return anything for a refund it just a nightmare and you will get no response as the item comes from random sony store not a warehouse which is a franchised and won't respond at all. still waiting for my refund over a month now starting a claim with my cc

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished Headband style High-Resolution Audio headphones - £179 @ Centres Direct
Found 8th NovFound 8th Nov
Guys The Sony WH-1000XM2 are back in stock but only in gold, gutted really want a pair but black in colour, oh well might as well help someone else who may also be after them.

Now out of stock, also checked with Live Chat. Gone!


Really strange. Still in shock tbh, as i've been trying to get a pair of these for about a year now. Cheers to the OP.


No I tried again after 1 hour still the same. Good to hear you got it.


Did you keep trying? Not sure how I did it but I managed to get a set at around the same time you were trying.


Yeah it's annoying mate, happened to me with the black ones last week. Why can't they have a better stock check system which tells you before you go to checkout,

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished £179 @ Sony Centre (Online & InStore)
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
Available in both Colours - If The links say Out Of Stock Online - Please go onto online chat - You will go Direct To A Sony Centre Store and they can check there local stock insto… Read more

https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/sony-wh-1000xm2-wireless-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-headphones-19999-currys-3108609#comments One half of that "load of crap" prediction. It's ok, no apology for your rudeness needed


Got one this time!


Some stores may still have some refurbs- Best chatting to Online chat to see whats available


You have to call them But i ordered my headphones over chat and was offered 5 year warranty as-well for £18 Then i called to make the payment to the store


Tell a lie, did the online chat and was able to order a pair even though the webpage isnt working and looks like they are OOS.

Sony WH-1000XM2 Noise Cancelling Headphones - Refurbished - £179 - Back in stock at Sony Centre
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Wasn't sure if to post as there's a recent posting already (courtesy of simonbikeuk Original post ) Please expire if deemed naughty! Sony Centre have more refurbed WH-1000XM2 h… Read more

And back in stock again....


And out of stock again...


Much appreciated. thanks


Call up the store that's on your delivery slip, if their details are not on the slip search the centres direct site. Tell them you would like to purchase extended warranty for the headphones, they should ask you for your order number and tell you the prices of the various lengths of Warranty. Then pay over the phone using a card or go into a centres direct and buy it face to face


Back in stock if you're quick (party)

Sony WH-1000MX2 refurbished headphones £179.99 @ Centres Direct
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Back in stock, in both colours. Grade A refurbished. If you ring the store after purchase an additional 2 years warranty (3 years in total) is £5.99.
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Beware. It's recommended to use charging cable that's provided, and don't use fast charging ports. Anyway, mine somehow stopped charging and had to send it back. Beautiful piece of headphones when it comes to sound, but can be squeaky, even my new M3 are noisy when flexing slightly. 2/5 stars for quality control and 5/5 for comfort and sound. Good price.


Yes. I had the MK2 and they were awesome (and already better than Bose). But the MK3 are MUCH better. Better NC and comfort.


Great noise cancellation, 30hrs battery life. Sony did an amazing job. I hope they’ll last long as I’m very happy with them.


If I’m not travelling much. Is/are there alternatives without ANC which perform better. Perhaps the ANC is just a bonus? That’s the impression I get reading the reviews. Thanks


Is there a huge difference between these and the new MK3 ones apart from being half the price?

UPDATE Sony WF-1000X Truly Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black & Gold at time of post! Refurbished £74 @ Sony Centres Direct
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Just got a pair of the award winning WF-1000X wireless earphones at silly money! They were in the sale in Curry's at £129 on sunday, did not get them, as they only had black, Sony … Read more
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There is no obvious way to reflash once it’s on the latest software, it doesn’t give you an option?


Welcome alex, interesting stuff, so it might be the case at issue as well then, have you tried to flash them clean eg: overwrite the firmware fully, as this "seems" to be the issue with some of the ones sent out, obviously, if the batteries are naff, they will have to go back, but if you have them, charge the pair up, then turn them on, but not connected, let them run down and then recharge fully, re-flash the firmware then give them a whirl by say streaming to them until they go flat (this will stop the auto power or battery save shut off from activating) then once flat, see if the case will work as it should, only an idea, but I have done this on 3 sets of these over the last month or so and they are all now perfect again (highfive)


Thanks for the reply. The ones got from the Sony Centre were already on the latest firmware. I think the batteries were not replaced when it got refirbed and whoever had them before had used them a lot, as the charger case only charges through once.


Flash the last firmware onto them as above, way back, it will solve both the charging & held use time and also the intermittent drops that some are getting with the right ear piece, seems a lot of people have gone and purchased the amazon ones, which are not refurbished ones, as per the OP deal and are having issues, as effectively they are 2nd hand ones! Any Sony Centres will resolve any issues anyone has with theirs, as per the OP, but 100's were sold, so there will be a few that may not have the last firmware with the fixes in it, on theirs! (y)


Mines going back also. Nice headphones but I am only getting 1h30 battery life.

Sony WH-H800 h.ear Series Wireless On-Ear High Resolution Headphones with 24 Hours Battery Life - Gold - Refurbished £64 @ SonyCentresDirect
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Grade A, so like new! Had a few bits from Sony direct, when they do actually reduce the price a lot, this is one of them! In gold which in the real world, looks the part! Sony … Read more

Why is this in software and apps?


deal ended


Got for over ear version, absolutely fantastic 👌


The fabled Golden Goose has been caught for once! (popcorn)


The reason why they were so cheap is because 'Currys/ PC' world put these in there clearance section because were down to about there last 3 pairs in there company in this colour in the whole of the UK, I live in HAMPSHIRE and the only store I could find with limited stock was close to Tenby in Wales!!!, and just by chance my mother was there on holiday, so bless her cotton socks, she went on a Goose chase and went and collected them for me. (embarrassed)

Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished £179 @ Centres Direct
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Sony WH-1000XM2 Refurbished Headband style High-Resolution Audio headphones with industry-leading noise cancellation and Smart Listening by Smart Auto-settings. Headband style wire… Read more
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Back in stock if anyone's interested...


Ah yes, shame. Maybe wait for a bit longer and get the xm3s at the airport next time I fly. Though the guy in Dixon's at Heathrow t5 said they had no stock the other day...


Goes to payment and says not in stock


No, it lets u add to basket at check out delivery method - says not available for free delivery


Refurbished my ar5e! Dumping end of line stock more like. At least, that's what I'd hope. My issue is: these or the xm3s for £299 at Dixon's duty free?

Sony SRS-XB40 Refurbished Portable Wireless Speaker £74 - Centres Direct
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
Sony SRS-XB40 Refurbished Portable Wireless Speaker £74 - Centres Direct
Found this at the sony official re seller site. Usually retails for £120, £75 for a grade refurbished model does not seem too bad. There are three colour to choose from as well as … Read more
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I own two XB40's and can't say they've ever distorted at max volume(connected to an ipad and various android phones) even with the sony music app's bass and treble pushed to full they get near to full volume before the sound starts to break up, eg; since they don't have tweeters the bass can interfere with the mids and highs but that is more with bass heavy material. On a side note there are allot more out the box revealing speakers out there, but with some careful equalisation the sony's put out a decent sound and go very loud for a wireless battery powered speaker, I put them up against JBL extreme, UE Mega Boom and so on but after some messing around with them found the XB40's to be more beastly for my needs, lol don't buy the sony's if you're into refinement I say.


I heard a live a comparison between the two myself. though I can see where you coming from, I just found the 20 to sound a bit more 'tinny'. I quite enjoyed the xb-40 but you can't go wrong with the xb-20 Unless you are talking about a refurbished tv from centre direct, I would not really recommend buying the xb-40 for tv purposes. It was never intended for that, so sound represenetation will not be as accurate or apporiapte for films or tv shows.


The XB20 is better than the 40, I use mine as a Music Speaker in the Kitchen as it is so loud and clear. The XB40 I got rid of because it has distortion at high volumes and I think the 20 just was a lot better to listen to. I'd definitely buy the 20 and again it can easily fill a medium size room, I was surprised..... but I wouldn't use it as a TV speaker... you can as it's way better than any built in TV speaker, but I dunno, I guess for £40 quid you cannot go wrong.


What about for a TV ?


I have the xb20, sound quality is excellent, this range has a separate sub at the back, decent bass to, and water proof, build quality is amazing really solid device, also supports LDAC. I have brought speakers and soundbars from Sony refurbished, they are like new can't tell the difference and come with full warranty.

Refurbished Sony KD-49XE8396 4K HDR TV with TRILUMINOS™ Display and 4K X-Reality™ PRO £449 @ Centres Direct
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Refurbished Sony KD-49XE8396 4K HDR TV with TRILUMINOS™ Display and 4K X-Reality™ PRO £449 @ Centres Direct
Step into 4K HDR and enjoy brilliant colours that come to life on a TRILUMINOS™ Display. KD49XE8396BU.A Refurbished: KD49XE8396BU.A Wide colour gamut with TRILUMINOS Display E… Read more

If it's a 'new' but stock clearence of 'opened boxes' (common to open a box so it can be sold as refurb)) then it's a good deal :)


Ordered and came like new, £449 from £699 seems good deal!


Not a great deal, especially on a refurb. Sorry

Sony KD-55XD9305 Refurbished - £699 @ Centres Direct
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Sony KD-55XD9305 Refurbished - £699 @ Centres Direct
£699£1,64958%Centres Direct Deals
KD55XD9305BU.A Refurbished models are products returned to Sony under the following circumstances: change of mind, faulty out of box, box damage or minor cosmetic imperfections. T… Read more
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It could be worth a punt. If it works out of the box it will probably be a good set. There is a chance however that the repair will not have sorted the issue so be prepared to return it if you have any doubts. Still, hot at the price


Same price at the Sony Centre.


I wouldn't touch a refurb led with a barge pole. New Led tvs have enough enough issues with light bleed, uneven light dispersal, clouding etc without adding issues. You can't refurb the panel. So if that is why it was refurbed it will still be crap. Steer clear. Cold.


You're less likely to get these issues with a refurb set to be honest


Fair point, my bad.