Cereal - 2 for £3 @ Iceland!

Cereal - 2 for £3 @ Iceland!

Found 9th Sep 2008
Don't know if this is a bargain or not, but I thought I'd put it up anyway.

375g Coco Pops
450g Rice Krispies
500g Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

2 of any of these for £3 :-) xx
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tesco running same deal
Somerfield have something similar
think morrisons have the same deal

think morrisons have the same deal

They didn't in the Stockport one yesterday - at least not for these cereals.
Sainsburys have this promotion too.
It would help if we knew what size boxes it were
good deal thanks ( thought i better say something positive as all the doom and gloomers seem to be about again)
i dont think tesco's deal includes crunchy nut cornflakes tho, so im voting hot.
how many grams are the boxes?
ta very much, will go and stock up xx
Morrisons deal is 3 for £2, so even better!! mind you, probably not all the same variety of cereal, but I love honeynut shredded wheat so I got these and am now a happy bunny!
I love K.nut the tesco deal not the same will have to find an iceland to get some
are all supermarkets doing the deal? lol
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