CEX - Cheap Used Disney Infinity stuff, Characters starting at £1.50 (+£2.50 P&P)
CEX - Cheap Used Disney Infinity stuff, Characters starting at £1.50 (+£2.50 P&P)

CEX - Cheap Used Disney Infinity stuff, Characters starting at £1.50 (+£2.50 P&P)

My first submission so go easy on me!

Tried various Tesco stores hoping to score their Disney Infinity clearance stuff. Only picked up a play set the rest was already scooped. So started looking elsewhere and found CEX significantly cheaper then eBay on some items. This is what I picked up as an example

1.0 Buzz Lightyear Character £3.50
1.0 Mike Wazowski Character £3.00
1.0 Disney Infinity Mr Incredible Character £1.50
1.0 Disney Infinity Sulley Character £2.00

2.0 Avengers Play Set Pack £4.00
2.0 Stitch's Tropical Rescue Disc £0.10
2.0 Toy Box Combo Starter Pack £10 .00

3.0 General Grievous Wheel Bike Disc £0.25
3.0 Toy Box Takeover Expansion Piece £3.50


Some bargains to be had! Even if you're not that interested in the game, the figures themselves are top quality (in my opinion). I've got all the Star Wars figures, now looking to expand my collection. Thanks OP, there's a few in my local store that will save me P&P

This is great for those looking to pick up figures on a budget. Good post.

Shame lots of people vote cold just because.

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I never really understand the motivation to vote something cold, unless what is presented is untrue, or is just an advert for a normally priced thing. If you like something, like the price then vote hot, otherwise move on?

I am genuinely interested, can someone who has voted this deal cold, just explain why. I am not after an argument as I don't really care, just interested!

tesco have similar prices for new at moment but stock is a bit sketchy, I got some bargains on Tuesday

Can someone answer me this? I'm new to Disney Infinity and keep hearing about this server issue in September. Will my game be useless after this, or can my kids still play it after then?

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You can still play the game, just online features and purchases won't work. If you get the game download as many toy boxes as you can before it shuts down then enjoy them for years to come.


You have until September 30, 2016 to upload Toy Boxes, but they will not be reviewed or approved by the DI Community team.
Toy Boxes will still be available to download until March 3, 2017.
On March 3, 2017, all Toy Boxes WILL BE DELETED from the server.
They shut down in-game purchases yesterday (July 29th) for several of the PC, Apple TV and tablet versions of Infinity, and the rest of the in-game purchases will be shut down on January 3rd.
On March 3, all remaining versions of Infinity for those kinds of devices will be shut down (as in, not even playable).
The console versions (PS3, PS4, Xbox, etc.) will continue to work except for what you would access online, including multiplayer, so your figures, power discs, play sets and Toy Boxes you downloaded to the console's hard drive are still usable from April 2017 onward.

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Just to say all arrived and all in great condition :-) happy man.
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