CEX - SELL YOUR IPHONE 5 FOR A PROFIT - 16GB £607 | 32GB £678 | 64GB £736 - GRADE A PRICES

CEX - SELL YOUR IPHONE 5 FOR A PROFIT - 16GB £607 | 32GB £678 | 64GB £736 - GRADE A PRICES

Found 7th Oct 2012


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Cex has a simply ridiculous business model
Would have probably sold them my 64gb if they raises the cash price. Great price for 16gb owners.
Supply and demand, there are that many people wanting the iPhone 5, currently wait for shipment is 3-4 weeks for the sim-free ones direct from Apple.
cex - lol
Amazed they had that much cash at hand instead of offering your friend a skip full of used headphones instead.
The last time I used Cex was to sell a phone I had as an upgrade I hadn't even taken it out of the box let alone switched it on. Somehow it became a B grade when they received it?
Have never had a problem with CEX buying or trading in

Have never had a problem with CEX buying or trading in

Apart from them deciding they don't have the money to buy it from you.
So the mate could go and buy another one and go and get **** up with the £78 quid !
Also amazed they had that much cash, apparently they didn't even have £20 or the blu rays I took in yesterday.
That's just plain crazy there write ups on prices are out of this world
You don't really make any money at CEX as they never have any cash in, all you seem to get is credit, must have been a very very rare day when anyone walks into CEX and get £607 cash.
Tempted to sell 'um my 32GB iPhone 5...then go spend half what I get on an S3 X)
I have 16GB of apps alone on my iPhone 64GB. How on earth do people manage on 16GB for everything?

Cex has a simply ridiculous business model

Their pricing department also needs their heads examining, I seriously think they pull their figures out their **** - look at the PlayBook pricing or iPad 1st gen for example.

It seems also to work in one of their stores you need to have an 'emo' take on life, dress like a goth, never wash your hair or some combination of those.
That's an amazing price. I'm tempted to trade in. Heat added.
Experience of the Leeds and Wakefield stores says you'll be lucky to find them with that amount of cash.

Experience I had last month at Leeds was this:
Got to store for 9.30am saturday, item needed booking in for test (Mac Mini), went back 1 hr later, no cash, asked if OK to wait a bit longer, ended up going back at 4pm for the 3rd time. (Good job I live city centre so it didn't ruin my day!) and they just had the cash. Total was £450. Got asked at every opportunity - did I want store credit for £575 - Which I didn't!

In principle good deal, in reality a bit of a waste of time!
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Took a 32gb iPhone 5 last Thursday and got 648. Should waited few more days. Think I will take my black one and make some more cash.
Popped into the Colchester store on Friday and they were offering £608 for 16gb iPhone 5 white or black! Worth selling if you've got one!
Thinking of doing this, Does anyone know what the Milton Keynes Cex is like for cash? thx
Why are they paying so much for the phone?
why not just buy 5 of this and sell them to cex and you`ll end up with a free iphone 5
What do you expect from a company with a toilet seat as a logo?
Certain branches specialise in phone exchanges and they're the ones that usually have high amounts of cash. We have 2 stores in Leicester and the phone exchange one almost always has cash for anything you wish to sell whilst the "main store" is almost always skint. Worth going straight to a phone exchange CEX if you want cash for anything.
Who will buy it for £705? And how much money CEX make?
buy loads and sell loads

Had to laugh.
Stratford gave me some bull about no demand and therefore not buying any iPhone 5 at the moment.

Tottenham Court Road didn't have enough cash so as per other people posting, it's very hit and miss.

Will wack mine on work intranet tomorrow instead - can get a better price as well that way.
shops like that should be closed down, once you start there is no way out and they always got the same song for you, WE GOT NO CASH TODAY.
I am amazed they still let this people to be in business, lol
Why did I sell my 16GB for 540
Very odd shop CEX

Each seem to have very different "personalities"

Some Examples...

Harrow - never have cash.

Watford - seems pretty good for cash.

Camden - Good place to hang about if you like to hear raging arguments with customers (usually about how the warranty works, or 2nd hand phones being blocked, etc)

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Showing up as only £539 cash now on CEX website...

Showing up as only £539 cash now on CEX website...

£607 is only for brand new grade a unlocked iphone 5
Going to try this. Want to upgrade to the Lumia 920 for the better camera and better OS.
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Is it pronounced sex? or kex?

Is it pronounced sex? or kex?

Both CEX in Birmingham never had any cash. I went to take mine in last week, they already turned down 3 people in front of me saying they have too many Iphone 5's awaiting testing and cant take in anymore.

Is it pronounced sex? or kex?

Personally I call it "Sex". But more often than not I just say "Computer Exchange", a lot less awkward saying that in public than "Just sold something to sex" or "Going to sex". If I say those phrases in public it makes me look like some sort of pimp with bad English. oO
It does make sense to go the shop at the end of trading on the day as they should have more cash in their tills. Surely this is common sense.
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