Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set £5.99 @ Argos

Chad Valley 250 Piece Super Art Set £5.99 @ Argos

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Found 8th Nov 2017
Normally £11.99... maybe another Christmas gift ticked off the list?
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Can't find any stock
Oh no, I managed up here in Aberdeen... hope you get some somewhere
Found a couple in the Leicester area - (The Rushes
Loughborough & Glen Road Sainsbury's) also available in Upper Bristol Road
Bath if that's any help.
Another Argos deal with no stock available. Argos has gone downhill since Sainsburys takeover
Stock that I have found is available at:

Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
Whitby, North Yorkshire
Kingston upon Thames, Kent
Sury Basin, Kent

So for the nay sayers, it depends where you are as to if there is stock of the deal available. But I have managed to find 4 stores with stock in the space of 4 searches.
No stock anywhere near me In Sheffield. Poor
Stock in Hexham
Stock in Carlisle
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