chad valley basic ride on only £6.65 @ Argos

chad valley basic ride on only £6.65 @ Argos

Found 27th Nov 2012
Usually for 9.99. Now its only 6.65. Though not much discounted it might be useful for someone. Comes under 2 for 15 pounds offer
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One reserved at Walthamstow and heat added.
Im confused with these argos deals...

How does it fall under 2 for £15 when this item is £6? surely your better off buying seperatly?
Cos when it's full price it's in the 2 for 15, obv gonna b cheaper to get 2 other things with it to make up the 15 if you need a few things. Hope that helps.
If you buy the product for 12 and this one for 6 it will be a total of 18 where you get 2 for 15 pounds with this offer. I checked in the argos website and loads of items are for 12 pounds which is included in 2 for 15. I think this clarifies your doubts.
good price but the product is absolutely rubbish.
my daughter received one as a present and its now in the bucket.

i usually donate toys but i wouldnt give this to anyone .
Its made of cheap thin flimsy plastic and everytime my daughter tried to walk with it or go on it it just tips over

For a ride on do you really want cheap junk, theres much better sturdier ones available for a little more.
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