Chad valley canopy climber with slide £37.50 + £8.95 delivery @ Argos

Chad valley canopy climber with slide £37.50 + £8.95 delivery @ Argos

Found 31st Jul 2014Made hot 31st Jul 2014
chad valley canopy climber and slide was 150 now 37.50 plus 8.95 delivery looks good to me and good reviews


paid this price for just a slide a few weeks ago would have prefered this


ordered cheers. been looking for a cheap large slide.

Hot! For the slide alone this would be a good deal! thank you Op

Great price and good reviews. Been looking for a larger slide so just ordered. Hope it doesn't take up most of the garden! Thanks op.

It's £74.99???

thanks im going to have one happy little girl on Wednesday

Beat me too it. Ha. Heat added.

Priced at £74.99 when going to checkout so not £37.49 at all?

Can u add swings to this ?

Brilliant, bought thanks

You'll surely need some sort of extension on the bottom of that slide. Otherwise kids are going to hit the ground hard...

Don't forget £5 voucher for £50 spend.

Lovely! Just ordered one, it's £74.99 if you straight to the argos website so thanks for the link!


It's £74.99???

Where are you seeig this? I just paid £46

Wud this do an 8yr old?

I'm on agros app n its says £74.99

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well i paid 37.50 and 8.95 delivery

great deal. Just ordered one.

It's showing as £74.99 on the app but £37.49 if you use the website through your browser.

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Can u add swings to this ?

i was thinking the same dont know tho till i get as tesco have a rope ladder that i think might attach

Would this suit a 6 year old

all out of stock

oos now

Got this 3 weeks ago for my 3yo's birthday, paid 74.99 and it was worth that. Left the ladder off the side so it takes up less space, kids seem to like it

Out of stock gutted.

Out of stock! Gutted

Out of stock good deal

fab, thanks for sharing. managed to get one before they went out of stock..

Some how I've ordered two instead of one! I'm trying to cancel one. If not anyone want to collect from essex

It's sold out.

still in stock to be delivered in kent, just ordered

Out of stock in my area, but have reserved for when more stock comes in. Fingers crossed. Great deal!

We ordered one and it's £46 odds all in that's including delivery x

Thanks managed to get one for delivery

How do you do that please Corrinnecat?

Out if stovk

Sold out

Tried to order this and it says out of stock? :-(

Out of stock at the moment .
Shows as £37.50 on website , hoping they might get more in stock .
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