Chad Valley Junior Touch Tablet in Blue & Pink £9.99 @ ARGOS

Chad Valley Junior Touch Tablet in Blue & Pink £9.99 @ ARGOS

Found 9th Oct 2013
This is great if you have little ones and you don't want them playing with your tablet...

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Not little ones of our time, they know the difference between this and the real stuff.:D
I can see the danger of giving this to your toddler or dog to play with is they'll causally pick up your real one and chew it / bash it into the floor not understanding the differnece.

Save yourself a tenner and stick to a firm "No! Touch that and you lose your fingers/paws* "

*delete where applicable.
you can get this on ebay for £5.99 inc delivery...its called a Y-Pad and is exactly the same if not better...
Reviews for this aren't very good, apparently it just looks like a tablet and has buttons that are hard to press for small hands
Toys r us have there own child style ipad for £99.99. My toddler has his own ipad and loves it.
My little lad could operate an Iphone competently before he could walk, this would keep them amused for about 4 seconds.
Is this ios7
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