Chairman's Reserve Finest St. Lucia Rum 70cl for £10.25 @ Tesco *Instore*

Chairman's Reserve Finest St. Lucia Rum 70cl for £10.25 @ Tesco *Instore*

Found 19th Nov 2012
Found in my local Tesco (Meir Park, Stoke-on-Trent) down the spirits aisle with a yellow 'reduced' shelf-edge label stating original price of £20.50, now half price at £10.25 (£14.64/litre). In comparison Tesco's own-brand dark rum is £11.40 for 70cl (£16.29/litre)

There was only two bottles left on the shelf, both quite dusty. I've been on the lookout for some bargain spirits for Christmas (dark rum included) so I purchased both bottles. I've no idea what it tastes like, although the bottle looks classy enough!

This looks to be a discontinued line; this link shows that Chairman's Reserve 70cl Rum is unavailable from Tesco online:…773 but I'm guessing that the deal should be nationwide, if you can find any stock.
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Space for it in Stafford but no stock.
The wife loved this stuff when we in St Lucia, apparently it's a really nice light, dark rum. Personally I can't stand dark rum.
I'm half St Lucian. Hopefully this deal will still be available when the new mega-Tesco opens in my part of London next week.
Seriously save your money, i got some of this in st lucia and its horrible stuff. Il be honest im not a big dark rum drinker, but some friends are and they wont touch the stuff!!
This is not nationwide, every store has it's own discontinued lines, it is likely that this has been discontinued in another store but most likely sold through when they were at 25% off.
LIDL sell quite a palatable dark rum - just under £10 if memory is correct - i think it's "james cook" on the label.
I got some from St Lucia. It's currently being used to feed my Christmas cakes. Probably should have tasted it first ;-)
This is a nice rum! First tasted in St Lucia and loved it, brought a bottle back and had been saving it for a special occasion as I didn't think I'd get another easily - until now! I love pretty much all forms of rum, but especially dark rums. But each to their own...
This stuff is pretty good. Me & my brother started a damn good night with it last week!
This is a very good deal, personally though I wasn't keen on this rum but the Chairman's spiced is excellent.
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