Chalenj! (Board Game) RRP £24.99 only £7.99 + Free delivery @ Play

Chalenj! (Board Game) RRP £24.99 only £7.99 + Free delivery @ Play

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Designed for kids and adults aged from 8 to 108, Chalenj! is packed with more fun than you can reasonably shake a stick at. From naming nuts, to singing Madonna songs, reeling off tongue twisters and juggling the Chalenj! Ball youll discover talents you never knew you had.

Chalenj! is bursting with 800 hilarious and exhilarating challenges split across 4 mental and physical categories. No other board game provides such a total workout of mind and body. By the time the game ends youll know things about your family that you could never have otherwise discovered.

Game play in Chalenj! is simple but fun and highly addictive. Players race around the Chalenj! Board to be the first to lift the Best of the Best trophy. Along the way youll compete in a variety of crazy challenges. You can take these on yourself and showcase your talents, or Chalenj! others by throwing down the famous Chalenj! Glove. Most challenges are performed against a 30-second time limit. Take a deep breath, flip the Chalenj! Egg Timer and go, go, go like billy-oh!! But dont expect much in the way of encouragement from your opponents.

Every challenge uses one of the objects that comes with the game. You could find yourself performing keepie-ups with the Chalenj! Ball, making pairs with the Chalenj! Picture and Number Cards, dancing on the Mega Mat, or throwing things onto the Target Mat. This incredible level of variety means that no one game of Chalenj! is ever the same.

So if youre looking for a way to keep the kids entertained that brings the family together and doesnt involve plonking them in front of the TV, add Chalenj! to your shopping list today.

Game includes Chalenj! Hacky-sack, Picture & Number Cards and Mega Mat.
Age Suitability: Ages 8+
Players: 2 -6


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Buy this now.

Trust it may look rubbish, but its a hit with after dinner parties or with the family, and can be surpisingly competative.with all adults and plenty of booze inside its hilarious!
I bought it for £10 so its a winner at £7.

It is a good game.......

Looks like fun, ideal for my 14 year old son to get him off the games consoles! Thanks

out of stock?

still in stock. i just got one. thanks op, i too have a 14 year old son, lol!!!!

heat and rep added

nope stll says oos for me,blah,,its really cheap compared to elswhere.

out of stock for me too

I read once that this was similar to Cranium? How do they compare? I already own Cranium so I don't want to get a game that's basically the same thing/worse!

back in stock,,,now ,,£17-99,,,,ouch.

Picked up a copy for a Xmas pressie when it was OOS. Phew.
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