Challenge 31cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower - Argos - £59.99

Challenge 31cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower - Argos - £59.99

Found 8th Aug
Was £89.99. Has good reviews so seems like a bargain if you have any lawn left after the hot weather!
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Any good for mowing straw?
Looks quality.
Looks like a toy
Can recommend this lawnmower. Cuts well and keeps a charge for a good amount of time
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I've got the corded version. Does a decent job but needs better cutting heights to choose from. The highest is too long and next one down will scalp anything but perfectly flat lawns. I've kept going with the long setting and my lawn is fine though.
If this works well, according to reviews and comment yes, then it’s a bargain!
They had a man mower at b&q for £100 the other day. It was a reduced petrol one. I wasn’t man enough as I don’t like the smell on my hands.
I have a petrol Challenge mower, also has a plastic body. Bought it 6 years ago second hand so must be over 10 years old and it is still going strong. Never serviced it or had a problem, only thing I ever do to it is chuck some petrol into the carb after winter to start it.
Wow that's a steal. I have the corded, great mower but a bit narrow. 8 hour charge time is bit off putting though.
£79.99 now so flagging as expired.
Makes you really think about what you buy.
Dont just buy because of the price as I would have bought this model, for the price and convenience of no cables.
Dont leave the batteries outside or on the mower in the shed. Keep them in the junk draw with the charger in the house.
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