Challenge Emulator Rigid 26 Inch Mountain Bike - Men's £74.99 @ Argos

Challenge Emulator Rigid 26 Inch Mountain Bike - Men's £74.99 @ Argos



Thanks for sharing, I've added the price & retailer to your deals title as it helps people to see your deal better
Good for a cheap run around, no doubt the cycle pro's will bash it though as it's not a waste of 3k!
Back cog fell of after 1-2 weeks
You can't argue with the price. HOT
I'm not a bike snob but even I would goto Halfords:

At least when it falls apart you stand a chance of having somewhere to take it and get it fixed.
Oh no another bso thread. Run for your lifes folks.
What is bso?
What is bso
It's a waste of £75 not £3k thanks anyway. Ands its 'pros' BTW thanks 4 playing though.
If you want a cheap bike to go to the pub on then stick with the Trax TR.1 from Halfords......At least that has a Shimano drivetrain...

I have a decentish £500 GT Mountain bike and a Trax...the Trax is fine as a runaround bike and is even quite light at around 14.5KG.....this Argos bike I'm afraid is pretty rubbish.
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Is this ideal as a commuter bike for a woman?
I am an armature

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