Challenge Fuel Effect Black Stove - Now £34.99 @ Argos
Challenge Fuel Effect Black Stove - Now £34.99 @ Argos

Challenge Fuel Effect Black Stove - Now £34.99 @ Argos

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* Black fuel effect stove.
* Heater.
* Compatible with bulb.
* 1800-2100w heat setting and output.
* Control operation below the flame.


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Why was this expired from when i originally posted it?

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lol - of course they wouldn't have it near me. Just about everywhere else though. I hope it remains at this price - it's a steal at 34.99... would buy one in an instant if I could get my hands on one.

As usual none in N.I.

Item Number:-415/1340Description:-Challenge Fuel Effect Black … Item Number:-415/1340Description:-Challenge Fuel Effect Black StovePrice:-£34.99Was:-£99.9938 stores nationwide have this item in stock. (54 available to purchase)Direct link to search and get in order by postcode - http://www.checknow.co.uk/searchresult.php?searchid=4151340-1104041106036843source © http://www.checknow.co.uk

Quite a few more stores than that have this in stock. thats what Checknow.co.uk has.

There are some in Ireland
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Bought one Hot

Bought one from the original post, looks great but the noise from it is unbearable.

mine just sounds like a fan heater?

Buy a real stove honestly the heat generated is fantastic As are the savings! I have a Nestor Martin Stamford 33 10kw output been an absolute Gem during winter especially when our Boiler packed up, Granted there is quite some difference in price but think long term. (Gas costs increase but your bills will drop (Provided you dont go for a Gas stove!)... Ours have, We now have the lowest gas tariff)
Highly recommend Batley Barless - firestove.co.uk

I heartily recommend a real multi fuel log burner too, wife moaned when I bought one & ripped out our old fireplace, ..however she knows the value of it now (& it's quality) I bought an Austroflam G3 on ebay, very well constructed, paid 25% of shop price & our log bill since october has been a mere £270 compared to our neighbours (all on oil) who have got through 4 deliveries of heating oil for their old systems @in excess of £750 per fill.
Ok the initial set up costs equated to a few fills but we've been burning for 3 yrs now & it's save all the way! if you can do it get a wood burner & use a good source of fuel, our nipper gets really annoyed when the fire isn't in for the flames as much as the heat.

Cant go wrong with multiple heating sources in your home, And as im sure we are all aware Gas prices and only going to increase

I love it that B&Q have a massive range of 'fuel effect' fires from those with red bulbs and a fan with bit of tatty rag to remote control plasma screens with a choice of 'fuel'.

They don't sell (at least in the massive store near where I live) genuine multifuel or wood burning stoves yet they sell briquettes!

Get a proper stove, if, for no other reason, because electricity is the least efficient and most expensive way to heat your home.

& Despite this being a deal site, DON'T jump on the cheapest chinese log burner (esp if it's for more than occasional use (put it this way after proper installation you want to run it alot in order to maximise savings as well as the pleasureable effect from a proper heat source!

Take advice & lots of it for a wood burner! (in fact get a multifuel in order to have more air control for burning different density logs) ..or open the ashpan up to allow a bit ,more airflow from underneath.
Ours is very efficient, burning 12-17hrs per day we often only empty the ash pan every 5 days, using well seasoned wood & a flue pipe thermomotor.

I bought one of these last time.They are only fan heaters.The fan effect coming from below the coals.Wish I'd taken it back but I picked it up at backdoor and was too heavy to return through main entrance from where I had parked.

Can only say it takes up alot of space for what it does.But the cat seems to like sitting on it.

closent one to me is in istanbul!
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