Challenge GS100 Two Way Radio - £14.97

Challenge GS100 Two Way Radio - £14.97

Found 24th Jan 2007
EDIT - please searchfor item no 5530740 as the direct link is not working

Silver and black.

304 channel combinations.

Voice activated operation.

Scan function.

Headsets port.

Range up to 3km.

Call alert tone.

Rechargeable battery pack.

15 hours standby.

Battery low warning.

Volume control.

Signal transmit and receive indication.

Backlit display.

Keypad lock.

Belt clip

WAS 29.95 NOW 14.97


As cheap as these are, these PMRs will not likely even attain the 3km range, even in wide open space! Like most challenge products these are low end of the market and typically under perform.

I would recommend against this buy.

I would recommend against this buy.

jazid - Can you recommend anything that would perform adequately?

I have a pair of the (over priced) motorlla T5622 walkie talkies. The build and form factor are very nice, however the range isnt as hot as the old unbranded ones I bought from Dixons 6 years ago. The range on these can be tweaked if you are happy to take the back off (there are a couple of pots that alter squelch level and something else).
People favour the Cobra range of talkies - but Ive not got any experience. Check out if you want to read more.
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