Challenge Xtreme 18V Cordless Drill Driver £29.99 Argos

Challenge Xtreme 18V Cordless Drill Driver £29.99 Argos

Found 30th Apr 2012
Excellent price for 18V cordless.
I am a builder so I know what lasts and what doesnt. This is better than Black & Decker.
This is good for the price.

For extra £10 you get 3.6V Screwdriver and bit set.…htm

Dont forget QUIDCO
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Do you no where I can pick up some cheap drill bits to go with it??

Do you no where I can pick up some cheap drill bits to go with it??

probably not gonna be able to do much drilling with a cheap cordless drill like this.............might be ok for light screw driving! I wouldn't even recommend these cheap drills to DIYers.
I've had one of these for about two years now (looks the same but is a hammer drill). I must say it is a very capable drill for screw and drilling. Much better than certain well known brands I've tried. If this is a non hammer drill it may only be suitable for light / wood drilling tasks.
Seems to me that the combined deal for drill, driver and bit set mentioned by the OP is even better value if you are after all three:-
Hot, anyway.
This is the most rubbish drill i have ever owned. Mine had 2 batteries and after only 9 months i could only use it for about 5 minutes and it was dead, same with the other battery. When the battery is not on charge after a short while the charge would be gone.
I'd probably buy this instead at £5 cheaper (has' collect from store' option also):…spx
I have an xtreme 18v hammer drill-CD12181,but not a charger.Any know whether one can get them separately,
I have a 18v challenge extreme drill driver,can it be used for drilling into a concrete wall as I need to hang a mirror in the bathroom. (Model no SH-18v400 kind regards B.Kitt
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