Chamberlain Garage door openers - £35 cheaper at

Chamberlain Garage door openers - £35 cheaper at

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I've just bought a new electric garage door opener. The price from Amazon UK was:-
£198 Premium version (HUKD listed a deal at £189 last summer)
£164 Comfort version

Searching around the european sites, I found cheapest for both versions. Last week I paid (using a fee-free mastercard) about £165 including an extra delivery charge for the Premium. They said it would take 3-4 weeks but I got it a week later, by the usual amazon shipping method. I was able to use my amazon UK account to buy it.

So it seems to be approx £35 saving depending on exchange fees for each model.

Costs in Euros for me were:-
13.60 euros for delivery

174.73 euro premium version (total 188 euro approx £162 today + card fees)
131.90 euro Comfort version (total 145 euro approx £125 today + card fees)

Bear in mind you'll need to buy a canopy arm if you don't have a "retractable" garage door.

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sudhirtibrewal8 m ago

less than £165 …less than £165

That's the Comfort model. See my OP where I listed that model as £164 in UK and £125 on - nearly a £40 saving using my method.
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Great find
Excellent. I have a Chamberlain ML 850 that I fitted 12 years ago, used daily and still going strong.
How easy are these to DIY? Also, can they fit on every type of door or only specific types?
It took me a few hours to fit. You need to fit a bracket above your garage door, either on the wall or to a solid part of the ceiling, so if you have a metal lintel over it then that takes some effort to mount to. You also need to suspend the main part of the door opener machinery from the ceiling a few metres away from the door.

This is the Chamberlain distributor's webpage and they have guidance on door types.…asp

If you have a "canopy" door then you need a canopy adaptor which is another £80 or so. I have a canopy door, but already own the adaptor - but because these door types are a little harder to move fully open, I went for the "Premium" opener rather than the lower powered "Comfort" model. I used to have a ML850 (850 Newtons) which just about managed to pull my canopy door up enough - I wouldn't want to trust a lower-powered 700N "Comfort" to do the job. Even if it managed it, the motor probably wouldn't live as long. The Premium has a 7 year motor guarantee and is 1000N.

The Chamberlain technical support is very very good and they may be able to assist any enquiry.

It's not ultra-easy installation in all scenarios, but should be OK for a competent DIYer. Much depends on whether you have ceiling joists in the right place, or are happy to improvise a bit tog et things lining up.
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If in any doubt about whether you'd stick with your purchase, you might be better ordering at the higher price from Amazon UK rather than worrying about international returns.

Once installed I'm confident you'd find it a reliable piece of kit, they're a good brand - I'm not worried about having to return it later on under warranty.
In case anyone is wondering about compatibility - I replaced my ML850. The main box, rail/belt and header bracket all differed slightly needed swapping over for the newer version. It was not a straight swap, everything was slightly different, even down to the shorter length of the power lead (which has an EU plug on the version). About as not a straight swap as it could get.

I was able to reuse my canopy arm, and the safety beam sensors. The old remotes aren't compatible (I've yet to test the old numeric keypad but suspect nothing wireless form the old system will work with the rolling codes of the new model) and the wired panel probably could be reused, but has been replaced with a wireless version. I might try reusing the old wired panel inside the garage and using the wireless one mounted inside the house.
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