Champing Chairs £48 with code @ Millets

Champing Chairs £48 with code @ Millets

Found 27th Jul 2017
1668853280-1501166260.jpgThis just an example that I've just bought, Normal price £90 each I got 2 chair for £96 inc delivery. The are other things to have in the sale with the extra 20% off coupon - camping20
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Sounds like a right bargain, I do hope they have more..........
£48 after applying a code for a camping chair. Crazy.

I genuinely thought you must mean £4.80... oO
As stated in the chat room last week, we have had 2 types of chairs in the past that have worn out in a very short time. You get what you pay for. We want a chair that takes up as little room as possible and are comfortable and portable that I can also take when walking across country. These fit out bill perfectly and till I checked Millets (which I don't really like using because they are now owned by JD) I was going to pay £100 for a standard chair to get the quality we need in the size we need.…569
Buy 10 of these for less than the price of 1 of this, and I bet the 10 from Halfords would last longer.
vkash22361 h, 3 m ago 10 of these for less than the price of 1 of this, and I bet the 10 from Halfords would last longer.

Your type make this site less value to others. I'm sure you would be happy with you £2.99 chairs but they would not be these and so would not fit in with their intended use. This price amounts to 50% of one of the best selling of it's type that has won awards for it's design. If they don't interest you fine but don't bother commenting on what you don't understand as it spoils the deals for others who might be looking for this exact item. I only ever post deals I know are bargains, if you can find this cheaper feel free to post the link.
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I got a very similar one from ebay for under £20... I used it at Glastonbury this year and it was great!
got 2 of these chairs and they are worth every penny.
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