Champion windscreen wipers 65p in Sainsburys

Champion windscreen wipers 65p in Sainsburys

Found 13th Oct 2011
Champion windscreen wipers various sizes in store. 18" are 65p...20" are 75p...22" are 90p. These are in Sainsburys Oldham
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anyone confirm if this is national?
surely someone voting hot that's not in oldham please say you've confirmed this is national...
Can confrim that Sainsbury Salford also have these.
Bought a pair of these recently @ £2-something in Sainsburys and thought that was a great deal, this is scorchio.
Anybody know if they got these in bridgend store :-)
Stafford had them yesterday although mine were just under £2.50 (Audi A4). Still, not bad
Went to Sainsburys Oldham - marked up at various prices - the two I bought were marked as £1.69 and £2.49 (or thereabouts) but went through the till at £0.55p and £0.90p - very happy

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Just got last ones at High Wycombe
The local KwikFit want about £10 for these - can't see them selling many, apart from when they fail your MOT on a wiper!

They're good quality - always use these or Bosch.
Yes these were in the Middlesbrough town centre store, they were end of the aisle near the bakery, only 4 left, only had one wiper for brothers Focus (70p).
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