Champions Of Europe: 4dvd: Box Set: Collectors Edition

Champions Of Europe: 4dvd: Box Set: Collectors Edition

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Found 24th Sep 2007
Liverpool's history-making Champions League bid heralded then as only the third team in Champions League records to win the European Cup an astounding Five times! This fantastic double disc sets commemorates this historic event and features all the goals from every game on the road to Istanbul as well as the complete full length match itself.

4DVD Box Set - Contains:
The Final/The Road To Istanbul - Double Disc Set
Champions Of Europe - Double Disc Set


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should have been 6...sniff...

It's a good deal as if you buy the dvds seperate on HMV they cost a good few quid more.

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£25.99 on play or £16.99 for each DVD on

Did anyone see the programme on Sky 'One Night in may'?
It was broadcast over 12 months ago now, but was a fantastic documentry of that night.
One of my favourites bits was Jerzy's explaining the half-time team talk from Rafa....

The boss was saying "keep your head up Jerzy, keep your head up" and I was like "Yeah, keep your head up we're ****ing.....oops sorry, I mean it's like we're 3 goals down"

This was the price I paid for it just after Christmas at HMV online.

Great price, thanks; it will obviously need updating after Voromania has ran wild in Moscow, though
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